Best 18 On-Page SEO Tips and Techniques 2019

Best 18 On-Page SEO Tips and Techniques 2019

Search Engine Optimization plays very vital Role in getting Top Rank in Google. In Recent times, many Bloggers said that SEO is not so valuable, but I say it has the same importance as it was before Google Algorithm Updates. You still Need to work on both Off-Page and On-Page SEO to  turn your valuable efforts into success.

So, here we will learn some of the latest On-Page SEO Tips and Techniques to help you Optimize your site to perform better in Google. But before proceeding, you might also like to read “11 Best FREE SEO Tools in 2019 for On-Page Optimization“.

Best 18 On-Page SEO Tips and Techniques 2014

Top 18 On-Page SEO Tips 2019

#1 Proper Title

You can Use Long Keywords related to your content and domain which will help it your site rank better. But Keep Title under 70 characters because Google will not show more than, 70 characters in searches.
I will Advice to Keep it to 55 Characters to make it more SEO friendly. But in the end it depends on you, which words you wanna choose and how long title you want as it will not have any negative effects.

#2 Attractive Description

An Attractive Description can increase CTR of your Blog Immensely. So, Always write it carefully and smartly using content related keywords. But here also don’t exceed 160 Character Limit.

#3 Use Heading Tags Properly

Heading tag always tells the search engine that Page is properly Structured. So, always use h2, h3 and h4 in your Article to Differentiate Headings. And also try to use targeted keywords in these Heading Tags.

#4 SEO Friendly URL

Always Keep URL of your Article Clean. Don’t use any special things like comma, Numbers, Spaces, etc. Keep it Simple with  Usage of Targeted keywords.

#5 Target keywords

Always try to Target one or two keywords in your Article. Don’t only write for Readers, Also use some highly searched keywords with less competition to make it searchable over the web.
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#6 Use Special Tags

Usage of Special Tags like Bold, Italics, underline on Targeted Keywords will tell Google to Rank that Article on Specific Keyword. It will make your Post more Search Engine Friendly.

#7 Optimize Images properly

Don’t forget the Importance of Images in your Post. It will help you rank better in search Engine and also drive some traffic from Image Search. So, always include Alt text and Alt Title in your Images to make them readable to Robots.

#8 Write Quality Content

You may be tired of hearing this again and again. But still i wanna say this, Write Unique, In-depth content with Quality Language to make it search Engine Friendly.
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#9 Internal Linking matters

Never forget Internal Linking. It will work like backlinks, more effective Internal Linking means a high ranking in search Engine. it will help you low down your bounce rate and also pass Page rank to different sections of your website.

#10 Setup Google Authorship

If you never setup Google Authorship, then, you are missing out on real benefits. It will help you get more traffic from search engine as Google rank your site higher when your Google+ followers search for a topic related to your site.

#11 Increase Social Signals

In recent times, Google started using Social Signals for Rankings. So, increase your Social Signals to rank Higher. Use All Social Networking or Social Bookmarking sites.

#12 Sitemap

Create a Proper sitemap of your site will help both users in finding out their favorite topic and also Google to Crawl your site more effectively.
If you are linking to External Sites, then, do it carefully. You can pass Page Rank to Wrong site and may loose all your Rankings. If you don’t sure about any site authority and still wanna link to that Website, then use Nofollow attribute to tell Robots not to crawl that link.
Note:- Always Link to High Authority sites because it will increase your reputation in the eyes of Google.

#14 Navigation Structure

Make Your Websites Navigation Structure easy and simple to make it easier for Bots to crawl your site and also for Readers to Navigate .

#15 Optimize HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

As you Know Google want sites to load faster to increase User Experience. So, Consider Compression of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to decrease loading time of your site. Also removing all white space in coding will help you a lot in doing so.
Presence of any type of broken links on your site can prove harmful. So, try to make your website free from Broken Links, to make it SEO friendly.

#17 Select Hosting Properly

If you are using a free Hosting and you getting too much downtime, then, consider using a Good Hosting service because too much downtime will be harmful for your website.
Note:- Blogger (Blogspot) users can continue using Free Hosting because they will never have any Downtime.

#18 Use Multimedia Properly

It is well known fact that Multimedia will make your Articles more attractive, but it will also make it slower. So, always use it in a proper way.

So, these are top 18 On-Page SEO Tips which can help you make your website Search Engine Friendly.

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    These On-Page factors are really works if we do properly. But the truth is content too important for On Page seo. If you have great content, you are always at winning position

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