They live a very secret life. They are in the top of the list of Interpol’s most wanted mafia. They make truckloads of money. They run most coveted crime syndicates including drug cartel, human trafficking racket, and smuggling of illegal arms. Here we will look at world’s most powerful mafia.

1-Joaquin Guzman (Mexico)

image via wiki
image via wiki

He is known as the lord of drug cartel. He is in list of Forbes billionaire. He owns the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico. He is also famous among his sympathizers. He does a lot of charity.

2-Dawood Ibrahim (India)

image via wiki
image via wiki

One of the most wanted criminal in the list of Interpol. He has been an inspiration for many Bollywod crime movies. He is the owner of D-company which is a syndicated crime organization. He is also responsible for Mumbai 1993 bomb blast.

3-Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov (Russia)

image via wiki
image via wiki

Once, he was a god footballer player. He is the god of the gambling world. He is Russia’s top most mafia who deals in organized crimes like arms dealing, smuggling and other notorious activities.

4-Matteo Messina Denaro (Italy)matteo_denaro

He is known as “Boss of all bosses,” He is also cinematically credited as “Playboy Don.” He is fond of expensive sports car, Rolex watches, Rayban sunglasses, fancy clothes and young girls.

5-James “Whitey” Bulger (America)james-whitey-bulger

He is a lover of history books. He draws his inspiration from Adolf Hitler. He is on FBI’s most wanted list since 1995. He is known for his mutual relationship with gangsters.

(About the author-Ikara Pradhan is doing her master in sociology. She lives in Assam.)

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