Today I am Gonna talk about Inspiration. It’s very important to take Inspiration in Blogging to keep yourself Motivated and continue doing the hard work.

But A question is, From where you can take Inspiration?

Frankly talking, World is full Inspirations, you just need to have an eye to get inspired. And that’s why I selected this topic “Inspiration from Cricket” because being an Academy Cricketer (Almost) for almost 7 Years, I constantly get lots of Inspiration. Wondering How? Wait, I will tell you how, but first let me give an introduction of my past career.

Newbie Bloggers must take Inspiration from Cricket

Yes, you guessed it Right? Before Blogging, My dream was to become an International Player and I was a bit successful too at School level, helping My Team to Win many matches in a Tehsil Tournament where it was expected that Quality performers will surely get selected to play in the district Level Tournament which was a big thing, especially the place where I am living, its very difficult to get a platform like that. But I was blessed with both Good luck and bad luck that time because I almost got selected to play in the district tournament and the Bad luck was, when Tehsil tournament was cancelled in the middle, also the selections due to some unknown issues (Only god knows why they did it). That was the big setback for me, but wait a bigger setback was coming, when I decided to Join the SriGanganagar Cricket Academy, but a big Arm and shoulder Injury stopped me and in the end spoiled my bowling career as I was not able to bowl fast again, which lately resulted I dropping out my dreams and concentrate on my O level studies, that was the time when I started blogging in December 2012.

Now, the question is How Bloggers can get Inspiration from Cricket? Well, there are many ways to do so. Let me explain one by one.

 #1 Fight till the End Attitude

If you are a cricket follower, then, you must know this “It’s Not Over Till its Over” which means you have to fight till the end and you can’t let it go in the middle, if you Try hard, you can even Win from a losing position. You can implement same with blogging, you may feel you lost everything, but actually you can still win it from there by working hard. It’s all about believing in yourself.

#2 Blog building like Innings building

In cricket, when Batsman newly comes to the crease, especially on a hard pitch to Bat on, He watchfully plays every Ball, but when he gets set, Runs start to flow easily. Same with Blogging, When you start a new blog, you have to work hard and you can’t think of making money in the beginning, you need to setup your blog carefully by writing quality content and getting quality backlinks. But When everything is set, traffic and money starts to flow easily.

#3 Keep Patience and Focus on your Goal

Patience is a Key factor in Cricket, especially in Test cricket where batsman’s have to leave the bowl outside off stump and bowlers have to bowl a consistent line in order to take a wicket. The Same thing is with Blogging where you need to keep patience and continue doing the hard work to get success.

#4 Failure attracts Success

We often see many Cricket Players failures but, later or sooner Failure ends with a success and when it ends, it ends with a bang. Similarly with Blogging, there may instances of failure, but sooner or later success will come if you keep working hard.

Final Words

So, this way I constantly get Inspired from Cricket. You can also do the same, not only cricket but whatever game you like can inspire you to work hard and get success.

So, that’s it from today’s article. Don’t Forget to Comment with your favorite Games and also tell How you get inspired from it?

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  1. I am agree with your points. Also i Will add some points that We should try to play like Sachin not shahid afridi. A proper way of SEO will only help for a long time popularity of a blog. So never take wrong strokes in Blogging SEO.

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