NEET 2021 Preparation Tips & Study Strategy


NEET Preparation , National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, is a national level entrance exam for admissions to Medical courses throughout the country. Every year in the month of May, students across the country take this entrance exam. This year also, it was expected to occur in a regular manner. 

However, the irregularities arose due to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country along with its horrific travel throughout the world. 

This is the exam every medical stream student waits to take. And get admission to his/her dream college to become a Doctor. 

Every aspirant in this lockdown time is feeling a bit high on frustration hormones. But, chill guys, we are here to present full support to boost your preparation.

NEET preparation 2021, a new date for the exam has just been announced by the HRD Minister. It is going to take place on 26th July, this year. Further adding, in this tough time of the pandemic, it is always uncertain, what is yet to come. So, this date may or may not be modified according to the prevailing conditions.

To every aspirant, who is preparing for the exam with 100% dedication, this pandemic has proven the greatest chance to supplement his/her preparation. 

Basic Nature of human beings is to panic in tough situations, But what we can try to cheer ourselves up is rather than being a pessimist we can opt to become an optimist say, The prevailing situation has given you extra time to add on to their knowledge base and further build concrete concepts. Moreover, aspirants who have already prepared for the exam can now utilize their time in topping up their preparation.

NEET Preparation Complete Guide-

Since it is the time where one can rely only on technology, it has become even easier for the students to gain any knowledge and reproduce any source with the help of the internet with a single click.

It provides thousands of sources for the aspirants to prepare with and supplement their neet preparation.

Let’s begin with the basics that you all know regarding this very crucial exam that you are intending to take.

What NEET Question paper consists of?

This paper consists of three sections including Physics Chemistry and Biology having a weightage of 180,180 and 360 marks out of the total 720. And the total duration of this very crucial exam is 3 hours.

Coming to the marking in the exam, the candidate is awarded 4 marks for every correct MCQ and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer this is one the most important thing that the candidate must keep mind while taking in the exam that he or she should refrain from the guesswork in order to score the best.

Hard work is not the limit to crack this exam, it is the smart work that counts. There will be a huge diversity of candidates appearing to take this exam. What makes you different from them is your strategy and your vigilance. 

Subjects You Need To Focus Along With Important Topics:

There are certain things that you can’t think of missing in your neet preparation if you wanna land into your dream college and see yourself in that white overcoat!

1-Physics (90 MCQs) – Nuclear Physics, Optics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics

2-Chemistry(90 MCQs)– Organic Chemistry, Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Coordination compounds, Chemical Bonding  

3-Biology(180 MCQs)– Cell Biology, Morphology, Biotechnology Basics, Physiology Of Plants And Animals, Genetics, Environment, and Ecology.

Study Material for NEET Preparation

NEET  2021 Preparation

I think we all have this particular question in our minds when we start preparing for any entrance exam (like NEET preparation). What books should I Refer to Or What is the perfect study material on which I Can rely for cent percent preparation?

Here is the answer to all the questions that you have in your mind, providing you with the best info about the recommended books by the experts that are too subject wise so just calm down and go through the list so that the best can prepare from the best!


  • Objective Physics – By DC Pandey
  • Concepts of Physics- By H.C Verma
  • Fundamentals of Physics- By Pradeep
  • Fundamentals of Physics -By Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
  • Problems in General Physics – By IE Irodov


  •  ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 – By Moden
  •  Chemistry  Guide – By Dinesh
  • Concise  Inorganic Chemistry- By JD Lee
  • Practice books-  By N. Awasthi for Physical Chemistry, MS Chauhan for Organic Chemistry


  • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 – By Trueman
  • Objective Biology – By Dinesh
  • Biology Guide –  By Pradeep
  • Books by GRB Bathla publications for Biology

TIPS For Preparing Yourself At The Kickstart

You have to give a tough fight to all the 13- 14 lakh candidates appearing in the exam in order to buy yourself a seat in a decent Medical College. You already know that it’s not gonna be easy as pie!

At first, we might think what a cumbersome process it will be to prepare for one of the most awaited exams of the country that paves the way for one lakh deserving students into their dream college.

No need to worry when we are to guide you that you can get through this exam so if you haven’t prepared much and feeling a chill in the spine and it is must-read content for you- 

  • Prepare your Syllabus well
  • Act according to the prepared time table ( If not prepared yet and you must prepare )
  • Practice daily
  • Refer the study material that we have suggested for you
  • Don’t escape Mocks
  • Strengthen Your basics
  • Prepare Notes for quick glance
  • Don’t panic
  • Be an Optimist
  • Work more on your weak concepts
  • Believe in yourself and go to take your exam with a stress-free mind

Elaborating these key points so that you can realize what importance they hold to get through your goal!

1-  Prepare your Syllabus Well

The first and foremost step when you are preparing for any entrance exam over the globe is that you must go through all the syllabus that is prescribed in the guidelines. Go through all the basics so that you can build a strong base. You cannot rule out the latest changes included in your syllabus if you wanna a clear cut selection.

2- Act according to the prepared time table

A time table is something very important that we must prepare if we want our preparation to go in a disciplined manner. You can always set the daily goals that you must accomplish in order to cover a particular topic and move one step towards your destination. 

One important thing that you must keep in mind is that not every subject and every topic will be easy for you. In that case, you must still devote equal time because after all the question paper will not be set as per your ease.

3- Practice daily

Consistency is something that will add to your perfection. Daily practice will make your basics so strong that you won’t face any difficulty later while taking your exam.

You must go through weak topics again and again so that they can no longer be any threat to you.

4- Refer to the study material we have suggested

We care for you and your dreams and hence we have handpicked some very good stuff for you so that you can completely rely on the suggested study material and prepare well.

Always get updated with the latest question asked so that you can get the idea of how your paper is gonna be like!

5- Don’t escape Mocks

Mock tests are something you can’t turn your back on if you are preparing for NEET.

Mocks will always boost your confidence and will help you in proper time management so that you can complete all the three-sections without missing out on anything important.

When you will take the full-length mock tests you will get the idea of how you are gonna attempt all the sections strategically. 

6-Strengthen your basics

For any building to be constructed its the prerequisite to make the foundation of the building strong so that the building does not collapse in the same when you are preparing for NEET you must strengthen your basics so that you can never fail at solving high-level questions.

7-Prepare Notes for quick glance

Once you are through with all the basics and the syllabus you must always take notes for the quick revision. Notes will always help you remember the key point that is very crucial in any topic. You can quickly rewind all that you have learned through the notes you pre[pared while learning.

8- Don’t  Panic

No doubt preparation comes with pressure which ultimately leads to stress. But you must try to calm down so that you can’t be efficient throughout the learning process. 

Always remember a free mind grasps more easily than a stressful mind.

Don’t try to cover everything in one go, take frequent breaks to relax your mind.

9- Be an Optimist

There will be a time when you will feel frustrated maybe because you weren’t able to complete the topic within a time limit or because you are finding things difficult to retain, Those will be the times when you need to cool yourself and proceed with a positive outlook.

10- Work more on your weak concepts

You will naturally be attracted to your strong topics and you will love to practice the questions based on them. But, don’t make this mistake try to, make your weakness your strengths so that you don’t remain behind when compared to others.

11- Believe in yourself and go to take your exam with a stress-free mind

Once you are through with everything you were expected to prepare, taken enough mocks, it’s the time for you to sit back and relax so that when going for your final step you are calm and efficient as compared to other nervous candidates.

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These were the things that you must keep in mind while you are preparing for this most awaited exam that can unlock the way to your dreams. All you are expected to do is to have faith in yourself and us. Prepare yourself as mentioned and with a positive attitude go and take your exam. Happy and Positive Preparation! 

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