NEET exam is one of the important topics for students studying their higher studies in school. Even though the necessity of NEET is still a controversial topic, we cannot deny how much it dominates the students who aspire to become doctors.

From a very young age, students are beginning to prepare themselves for the NEET exam. One of the most important issues is that the school curriculum is not enough to face the exam, hence coaching centers dedicated to the welfare and training of NEET aspirants are spread all over the country. But when it comes to choosing the right NEET center for your self can become Avery tedious process.

Hence knowing the pros and cons of many coaching centers and evaluating them based on your choice is a very necessary step.

10 Best NEET Coaching Classes in India | NEET Preparation

So, come dive into the top 10 NEET coaching centers chosen solely based on student’s reviews.

1. Aakash Institute

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers In India

Undoubtedly topping every list for the best NEET coaching institute will be Aakash. They provide a very competitive environment and hone their students from inside out in preparation to crack medical entrance examinations.

They provide extensive course material and multilateral video lectures, including full classroom participation. Aakash has branches in 100+ cities, but just like any other institution with many branches, they do lack uniformity in their experience.

Well-known cities provide experienced teachers and a good competitive environment whereas the new forming branches are only trying to catch up. The best thing about Aakash is their choice of teachers. The lecturers and teachers are well-versed in their curriculum and also experienced. They provide doubt sessions on a regular basis. But one concern could be said that Aakash is not a very good choice for JEE as it is for NEET.

2. Allen Career Institute

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers In India

Allen was the first institute that ever-provided coaching for all science subjects. Allen has the best rating from the student’s side, as the quality of education is equal for both NEET and JEE. The biggest pros of Allen are its well-stocked faculty and its intelligent infrastructure.

They provide a very interactive classroom along with eminent teachers and staff who are experienced as well as brilliant. Allen also interests themselves in finding young and bright children at a young age through their TALENTEX test, which is provided for students V – XI.

The highlight of Allen is their “Doubt centers”. Teachers are available 24/7 and hence every student gets a chance to clear their doubts easily.

3. Resonance

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers In India

Resonance is best known for its effective distant learning program. They provide first-class study materials in form of handout notes, test papers. They also have experienced teachers and amazing infrastructure.

Once a month, Resonance conducts a motivation session to encourage and inspire students to stay on track and pursue their dreams. One drawback is their constant complaints from students that the best teachers and best facilities are only available for top students.

4. PACE IIT and Medical

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers In India

We have to begin by saying that even though Pace does have branches in multiple cities across India, the best in their Andheri branch in Mumbai. This is where you get to experience the Beauty of Pace to its fullest.

It’s quite expensive but if you are in Mumbai then it’s worth it. But for other cities, it’s not. The Andheri branch contains the best teachers with years of experience. You can always find ranked students, especially in NEET and JEE to be from PACE IIT and Medical.

5. Career Point

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers In India

Career point is best known for its residential complex as well as its student and teacher environment. Compared to other institutions which are densely populated, Career Point provides a very friendly and better student-to-teacher ratio approach.

The residential complex is student-oriented and the complex provides a gym, salon, and even apartment to stay with the parents. The environment is less stressful and hence they can also be the best choice for NEET and JEE coaching.

6. Narayana Group

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers In India

Narayana Group of institutions are Andhra-based medical coaching centers. They provide multiple sources through which you can hone your skills. In Andhra, the coaching begins for class 11.

They are well known for the quality of students they provide and how the number of students can crack these exams effectively. Now they are expanding their branches towards north India and few southern parts as well.

7. Toppers Academy

This is considered one of the best choices of students for NEET coaching. They provide live classes for various subjects and their curriculum is top-notch.

My hands-down favorite reason to choose this institution is that they provide a personal tutor for students. The pros of that are these gives a student-centric approach and hence helpful in tackling any weakness of the student.

8. Hinduzone Online academy

This is one of the best online NEET coaching platforms. They have a different approach to learning as they couple their interactive classroom with their creative assignment.

They provide a complete assessment of the student in comparison with other cities or even foreign countries to clearly set goals and achieve them.

9. Margshree Online NEET coaching

This coaching is done on the online platform. Now with all the pandemics, online has become the number one mode for education. In that case, exploring various online academies is also important.

Margshree provides two hours of training and classes per day to hone the student and they also conduct the various test on a welly basis to skill up the students.

10. Apex Institute

Apex is very creative in its own way. Apex has a unique study methodology and even their course curriculum is very expansive. The batch size is small hence it provides an easy interface for student and teacher environments. They conduct tests on a regular basis to keep a track of their student’s progress.

NEET is a very important exam in every aspirant’s life. Hence it is very important to choose the institution that will provide you with the correct education and provide you with the best training. You can count on these top 10 NEET coaching centers to hone your talents and prepare yourself to crack the next exam!

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