Chicken or the egg-Here, the mystery is solved, for which came first

Do you remember how many times you have argued with your friends over this topic that who come first: the chicken or the egg and argument usually turns into heated debate and it won’t end up with any conclusion. It’s really annoying, isn’t it?

Some may bet on egg coming first, some may bet on chicken. Simple logic is, in order for there to be an egg; a chicken would have had to lay it. And in order for there to be a chicken, it would have had to hatch from an egg. So who came first? Really confusing!!!!!

Relax; you are not the first one to get confused

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This question has stumped people for generations. So how to decided who is right and who is wrong and which come first? Via argument. I bet it would be never ending discussion. So what is the way forward?

Is there any method to reach to a conclusion?

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Yup!!!!!Hopefully, there was an experiment conducted by Dr. Colin Freeman from Sheffield University along with colleagues from Warwick University and they have figured it all out.

What they did?

Their research was originally intended to figure out how animals make eggshells.

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Eggshells have always fascinated scientists as it is extraordinarily strong yet lightweight material. Another pertinent question was why humans have not been ever able to replicate it.

And experiment started

For this experiment, chickens were chosen because the protein was easy to study. And softer eggshells mostly contain protein.For this research, the UK Science Research Council’s super-computer HECToR (High End Computing Terascale Resource) was used.

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The ingredients required to make eggshells were programmed into HECToR and the computer was left to produce results on its own.

What did they find?

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It took weeks for HECToR to figure out how chickens make eggshells. The researchers found a protein that exists only in a chicken’s ovaries. This protein is named ovocledidin-17 (OC-17) and this is the most essential for eggshell formation. This protein acts as an ongoing builder that pieces microscopic parts of the shell together by converting calcium carbonate into calcite crystals.

So how they reach to a conclusion at, who come first: the chicken or the egg?

The researchers conclude that the eggshells can’t exist without this protein. And this protein exists in chickens. So egg can’t be formed without the existence of the chicken.

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That means whatsoever was the situation, it was the chicken that came first and it was not the egg.

Got the answer. Now just chill!!!!!

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    • Firstly on Earth there is exist only amiba. And only mammal are present on earth . Due to nature changes ( temp, other physical things) other categories of living thing are generated . mammal is converted to chicken due to natural changed.. As per my knowledge….

  1. That’s so interesting. So the chicken it is, eh?
    🙂 Thank you.

    Heard that joke that answers the question?
    Here it goes —
    What came first the chicken or the egg?
    A: Whatever you order first. 😉

  2. That’s a neat insight. Feasibly the prehistoric version of a chicken(if it can be called that) gave birth to an egg which contained the evolved genetic traits, and thus the new offspring produced became a tad bit different than the original one. This led to a vicious cycle with the evolutionary changes being microscopic and immeasurable, giving birth to the offspring or eggshell that we know today. All this happened before we could have made our impeccable scientific researches on the growing changes and thus were left to speculate from the end product leading to all the ambiguity.

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