WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing. Since Arrival of Social Networking Sites Like Twitter, Facebook, Social Sharing has Increased Value. As these Social Sites Have Billion’s of Active User’s , Sharing content on these sites is Best way to get Huge Traffic for Websites. Traffic Coming from these Websites can be Higher than the Search Engine Traffic.

Twitter has Million’s of New Tweets posted everyday about different products , Facebook has More than 4 Million Active User’s who Like Share Update Daily. Other Similar Networks Like Pinterest , Linkedin , Google+ also have a Huge Base of User’s.

For Sharing Content on these Sites to get More Exposure and Traffic for our Websites or Blogs on WordPress we have to Install Some Plugins that Will make it Easier to Share Posts on Social Sites.
But Finding Best Plugins to Use on WordPress in not an easy Job as there are too much Plugins available.
So We Create a Tiny List of WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing that will Help Webmasters integrate Social Media in their Respective sites.

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Top 10 Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

#1 Sociable

Sociable is a very Popular Plugin that Allows user’s to show Social Buttons Anywhere in the Content. As it is More Likely that Visitor Might click on Any Button of it is Present at at Top or at Bottom of the Content. So this plugin is Best to show social Plugins at the Bottom of the Article. Additionally, it also Shows a Subscribe Box at the bottom. It Also Allows User’s to Edit Colour combinations.

Download Sociable

#2 Floating Social Media Icons

This Plugin is Used on Many Blogs as it comes with Different 20 Icon Styles. It Also Allows Customizations According to Theme colour and Size.

Download Floating Social Media Icons

#3 Digg Digg

Digg Digg is very Flexible WordPress Plugin that Supports All Major Social Networks. It Allows Full Customizations including Horizontal or Vertical Views , Dynamic or Static Views. It is the Best Plugin that lets Visitors share your Content Easily.

Download Digg Digg

#4 Shareaholic

Shareaholic is a very Popular Plugin that have Attractive Buttons to Encourage Readers Share your content on Social Media.It Also Includes Options to Shows Related Content at Bottom of every Post.

Download Shareaholic

#5 Share This

It is the Best I have ever seen as Share This Provides Large and Small Buttons with Flexibility. Share This Supports Huge Number of Social Sites and Also Allows User’s to Analyze Total Share Result including Which Posts is Shared by How many People, how much traffic coming from Sharing . So you Must have, this Plugin.

Download Share This

#6 Hupso Share Buttons

Hupso Share Buttons is Another Plugin that Allows User’s to Show Small Social Button at Bottom of the Posts. It is a very Light weight and also allows Full Customizations.

Download Hupso Share Buttons

#7 Share Bar

Share Bar is Fully Dynamic Plugin that shows Buttons on left side of the website and these buttons are fully customizable. It Also has Beautiful Feature, if Websites Size is Below 1000px it Automatically Shows Horizontal Buttons Near Post Titles.

Download Share Bar

#8 Social Toolbar

Social Toolbar Allow you to Show All your Social Profiles with Easy Customizations.

Download Social Toolbar

#9 Social Stickers

Social Stickers have Easy, Smooth Design and Allows Facebook Profiles to Show on your Website which is very Profitable that Lead to Bunch of Likes and Tweets.

Download Social Stickers

#10 Get Social

Get Social is Best plugin that have Many Premium Features. It Adds Floating Share Buttons Anywhere User’s wants that Always Floats even Visitor Scrolling Down. These Buttons Also Adjusts According to Visitor Screen size. Get Social Also has a Colour Picker to let User’s Pick a Color According to their Theme and Customize Buttons.

Download Get Social

These Plugins are Best For Any Type of Website or Blog Created with WordPress. You Can Choose anyone according to your needs.

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I Hope you Liked This List. Give Some Feedback Through Comments.
Cheers 🙂

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  1. Thanks you so much for social plugins these are really good for Word-press site. Your collection is just awesome thanks sharing it.

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