Like many newbies, I too have started my blogging career with a multi-niche blog and over the course of time, I have realized it was not a good Idea. You must have seen many Top bloggers recommending people to start blogging with a single topic. This is because a blog with many categories often fail to perform well. The blogger has to go through many obstacles with such a blog, which forces him to shut it down.

Today I am sharing with you some of the problems which a blogger face with his many-category blog.

5 problems you face with a multi-niche blog:

1. Difficult to build audience:

The main problem a blogger with his multi-topic blog face is of building an audience. Reason behind this is that people want to read about things of their interest and use. But your blog being a multi-niche one, it always shows something extra which is of no use to them. And no one is interested in wasting their time on your website when they many other options available.

2. Low search engine ranking:

Search engine ranks those websites higher which cover more information on a single topic. This is to resolve the user’s query better and to provide them quality. That is why multi-niche blogs does not get more traffic from search engines.

3. High bounce rate:

Blog with many topics often suffer from high bounce rate. This is because when someone visits a site through an article of his interest, he wants to read something similar. But in case of a multi-niche blog, he may not find it as your recent posts might not be on the same topic. This makes your visitors exit, thus increasing your siteโ€™s bounce rate.

4. Difficult to get advertisers:

Whenever I apply for an advertising program, the biggest problem arise for me is to choose a category. If your blog have 2 – 3 different niches, it becomes difficult for you select one option. Also, if you want to go for direct advertising, it will not be easy for you to get advertisers. This is because advertisers want to work with a website which can drive more quality traffic to them. But as your blog have different types of audience, it cannot give much benefit to advertisers.

5. Networking problem:

Networking is one of the important things in the blogging world. It is very important to connect with bloggers of your niche and maintain good relations with them for a successful blog. But when your blog has many niches, you have to connect with bloggers of all that niches. This is the most difficult part as we bloggers so busy with our work that maintaining relationship with a single niche blog is tough.

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So these are the problems a multi-niche blog face, which often leads to its failure. But then we have also seen some successful multi-topic blogs which encourage us to start one and stick to it. Regarding this my suggestion is, if you want to start your blogging career then go for a single topic you are good at. Once your blog becomes stable, you can add another niche to your current blog or start a new one.

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  1. Hi Atinder and Fatima,

    While I understand your points, I would differ a bit in my stand ๐Ÿ™‚

    Speaking of my blog, as you know, it’s a multi-niche blog, but somehow it doesn’t fit into any of the points you made. Perhaps you haven’t been to my blog, Fatima – so come over and have a look!

    Well, the comments haven’t decreased, and my network is very strong as I have blogging friends from ALL niches coming to my blog. And I have made very good friends from this same blog too.

    So, I beg to differ on this one. But yes, whenever you open or want to start a multi-niche blog, you need to do it gradually. I did just that, and after I took the feedback from my readers – so they are part and parcel of my decision and party to my choice I would say. I write for my readers, so they love what I write and today, even if I want to add more categories that my readers want – they would be very willing.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hello Harleena Ma’am,

      First of all I want to say that I’m also a fan of yours and your blog.

      Secondly, I’ve mentioned above that there are many successful multi-niche blogs which encourage us to start one. I agree with you that it is a gradual process to make a blog successful, whether it is a multi-niche blog or a single niche one. This post is to make new bloggers aware about the problems they may face so that they prepare themselves well.

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