Most Used Social Networks in the US (Mobile)

Social Networks plays a very major in every field in each Country, Even in the US. So, here we are talking about Most Popular Social Networks in the US (Mobile). As you know recently, All sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest mainly focusing on Mobile Devices because the majority of Americans use them on Smartphones. A Recent study in the US confirmed that above 90% Users use Social Networking sites on Mobiles or Tablets due to less time availability or any other reason. So, let’s talk about it more briefly by creating a list one by one according to Percentage of Users who use different Social Sites on different devices.

As you can see most users are using these networks on Mobile devices. Only LinkedIn and YouTube are used mostly on the Desktop. So, it is quite clear that Americans like using Smartphones to communicate with friends and family through social media instead of the Desktop. Now, we move on to the main part of our Article.

Most Used Social Networks in the US

In recent studies, Americans aged between 18 to 24 or more given some polls and according to that polls social networks are listed with percentage of Usage.

#1 Facebook

As known, Facebook is most popular in the World. They have billions of users worldwide. Even in the US, it is the most popular site among teenagers. Above 80% of Teenagers living in US have a Facebook account and almost 70% of those Teenagers saying that they use it to communicate with Friends and family members.So, as expected Facebook is at Number 1 place.

#2 Linkedin

LinkedIn is another Popular site, but not among people aged under 24. There are some teenagers who like this networks, but many of its users are businessman or individuals of higher age groups. It is Majority build to showcase your work and study experience to get a perfect Job. But it is also a social site which allows communications with your friends and family.

#3 Twitter

Popularity if Twitter is still increasing day by day and presently they have millions of active users making it one of most used social networks. This site only has few fake accounts as compared to Facebook. So, girls and ladies like to use Twitter more. Also, its Professional Look and responsive design with mobile Apps makes it more popular among teenagers.

#4 YouTube

YouTube is Number one in Video Sharing sites and at number 4 in most popular social networks in the US. It is used by all age groups, but majority users are Teenagers. Male users a more likely to have accounts on YouTube than Females. There is another reason of its popularity is that it also allow teenagers to make money using Adsense Publisher program. So, Many teens use it for that purpose also.

#5 Google+

It is a product of Google, which is getting popular day by day. Mostly Women’s are found on Google+ instead of Men. This Social networking trying its best to compete with Facebook, but still a lot hard work needed.

#6 Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook and mostly used on Mobile Devices. Only teenagers use this Social site, you may hardly see high age individuals using Instagram. It is in 6th place in our list of Most Popular Social Networking sites in the US.

#7 Pinterest

Another site very popular among American Teens. It is used to Pin Images and share with friends and family. So, this site is at Number seven in our list.

These are Most used Social networking sites in the US. If you have any suggestions about this Article. Please let me know via comments and also keep visiting My Blogger World.

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