3 Of the Most Popular Marketing Tools

3 Of the Most Popular Marketing Tools

When seeking to market a business, it is essential to look for any opportunity or marketing tool that can help you ensure maximum outreach and exposure for your business. In most industries your business can at times be flooded with competition, so utilize tools wherever possible. Here are some of the most popular marketing resources you can use to boost the success of your business.


3 Of the Most Popular Marketing Tools

Project management systems, such as Trello, can help improve your marketing impact. Trello acts as a virtual whiteboard for project management and provides various ways you can use the program to get and remain organized. Use Trello as a basis for all your marketing plans and projects. Some of the main features of Trello include:

  • Boards, lists and cards for your organizational needs
  • Colored labels and comment features
  • Collaborative boards for group projects

There is also a handy app that you can use to your advantage. Work on projects on the go, with easy access and layout taking the strain out of any marketing groupwork.


3 Of the Most Popular Marketing Tools

Social media management is essential to include when adding to a business’s marketing strategy.  Automated tools, such as Buffer, allow you to schedule posts and share content at optimum times to reach your customers when they’re online. Buffer now supports all major social media platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Buffer helps you organically post relevant content throughout the day, and at specific times, depending on who you want to reach. Other features include tracking your content’s performance, as well as ensuring your business is posting user-friendly, shortened links.

For social media marketing expertise and advice on creating excellent content for your social media pages, you can also get in touch with Digital Mark Group. A digital marketing firm like DMG will help you make the most of this platform and other marketing techniques.

Google Analytics

3 Of the Most Popular Marketing Tools

Google Analytics is a popular software to use that will greatly benefit your business. As a free website analytics service, dimensions and metrics are the main basis of Google Analytics reports. Google Analytics operates by collecting and analyzing data with unique tracking codes to collect information about user’s activity on any given site. Some of the features of Google Analytics include:

  • Providing insights into visitors who visit your website, ensuring you are effectively marketing your business
  • Providing information about how your traffic arrives at your site
  • Offering a close look at site content performance
  • Collecting information about user behavior
  • Identifying your worst performing pages
  • Uncovering your top content

The insights provided by Google Analytics will help you make informed decisions on ways to improve your website so you can engage and capture qualified leads and customers.

Utilizing marketing tools will help you effectively reach your audience, leading to a successful marketing campaign. Consider implementing these project management, social media and analytics resources to make more informed decisions moving forward. Even reach out to digital marketing specialists to ensure the content you’re creating is the best it can be and receive effective feedback on your marketing strategy so you can successfully stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business.

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