Microsoft Builds Its Own Android App Store inside Google Play Store

Microsoft Builds Its Own Android App Store inside Google Play Store


How Microsoft can Build Its Own Android App Store, that too inside Google Play Store?

Well, don’t be confused, this is all fun, Microsoft has built an Android App, which helps you find other android apps built by Microsoft corporation

This sounds crazy, but it makes sense to them, because only a few know, that Microsoft has build some good applications for android mobiles.

explore latest microsoft Apps
Explore Microsoft Apps the Easy Way

And now, they want you to find them the easy way.

category browsing with microsoft apps
Find Microsoft Apps Category Wise

Although many of you might be using their apps already, but it might be 1 or 2 out many they have built.

But many of you will still feel that, creating an application to find other android apps, make no sense, until you take a look at the apps built by Microsoft Here.

They are 50+ apps available in Google Play Store build by Microsoft Corporation, so having an app to list all of them in a single place, not a bad idea, specially when you think from the Microsoft’s point of view.

So, download this application called “Microsoft Apps” and do not forget to share your views about the step take by Microsoft.

Will it be helpful for all of you? or it just not make any sense for you?

Comment below and also share this with your friends and colleagues.

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