Meta Tags – Impacts Search Engine Optimization

Do you think Meta Tags are Dead?

If yes, then you are wrong. They still have a lot of importance. Let’s discuss it briefly.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are Something Used in Head Section which are not Directly Visible to Humans, but it is Used to Give Information about your Website to Search Engine. There were times, When Meta Tags were Most Important Things in Search rankings. Google Used Meta Tags of Websites to Rank them in Search for Lot of Years but Since last 5 Years Google Started Ignoring these Meta Tags But Other Search Engines Like Bing , Yahoo Still Counts Them for Search Rankings.

Types of Meta Tags and their Use:-

There are a Lot of Meta Tags available for Webmasters but only Few of them are Popular.
Popular One are: Meta Keywords , Meta Description, Meta Robots ,etc.

Meta Keyword Tag

Meta Keyword tag is used to telling the Search Engine about Relevant Keywords of Your Website. This Meta Tag Will not Be Counted in Search Engines Like Google But Still its Worth Adding it Because Website Looks More Search Engine Friendly and also there are some Minor Search Engines that Still Counts Meta Tags. So Why Miss Little Traffic from that Search Engines.
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Example of Meta keyword Tag:-

<Meta name=“Keywords“ Content=“Blogging Tips, Blogger Tricks ,SEO Tips , Make money Online“/>

Meta Description

Meta Description Tag is Used to Tell Search Engine About Description of your Website. It Tells Search Engine About what Your Website is About. Some Search Engines Like Google Display that  Description Written in Meta Tag in Search of that Website.
Meta Description in Search Will Increase CTR of Website from Search so it will Also Increase Traffic.

Example of Meta Description Tag:-

<Meta Name=“Description“ Content=“Learn to become a Professional Web Developer , SEO Expert and Professional Blogger with Quality Tutorials“/>

Meta Robots

Meta Robot Tags are Very Powerful as they are used to tell the Search Engine that which Page Needed to be Indexed and which Page they Don’t want to Index. It also Tells Search Engine How to Treat Dofollow and Nofollow Links.
Suppose We have Some Pages on our Website that we don’t wanna delete and also we don’t want those pages to be Indexed in Search So for this we Use Meta Robot Tags.


There are Lots More Meta Robot Tags Available but these are Popularly Used Tags.
For these “NOINDEX” is used to Tell Search Engine to Index that Page ,”NOFOLLOW” is used to Tell Search Engine not to Follow that Link, “INDEX” And “FOLLOW” Tells Search Engine to Index Pages and to follow Links.
Note:- “Index” and ” Follow” are Not Necessary to Use Because Robots by Default will Index Pages and Follow Links. Robot Meta Tags are only Used when we wanna Tell Search Engine to Not to Index Some Important Pages.

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Some Other Meta Robot Tags are:-

NOARCHIVE :- Used to Prevent Cached copy to Appear in Search.
NOSNIPPET :- Used to Prevent Description to Appear in Search.
NOODP :- Used to Prevent Open Directory Project Description to Appear in Search.

If you any question Regarding Meta Tags, then, feel free ask via comments.

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