Making Money Online with Truelancer

Making Money Online with Truelancer

Fiverr is an online marketplace which generally offering users some works and tasks , these works and tasks are called ‘gigs’. This site is used mainly by freelancers.

There are many ways to Make Money Online these days, but only few of them actually work and one of them is Truelancer. People actually wanna earn quick cash, and Truelancer is a site which will help them make quick money, if they have good skills in some aspect. Wanna know more how it works? Let’s discuss it in brief.


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So, the question is, How some people are making money on Truelancer, but others are failing to do so.

Well, People who are making Income from Truelancer, usually have a good skill level. For Example, People selling unique Logos, or Link Building Gigs, etc..  I you wanna earn from this site, you have to do the same thing, In other words, you have to post Gigs related to any matter, you have the full experience. You need make your Gig attract Buyers by making it as much as descriptive as you can and also by showing, you have lots of experience.

Now, Why people fail? Because the majority of times, they fail to promote their Gigs, or they don’t provide good services. So, How you gonna come in the category of successfully Truelancer earners?

Well, the simple Answer is, By driving Good traffic or customers to your Gigs and then, forcing them to buy your Gig by attractive description and service.

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There are several ways that you can get your offers some traffic are as follows:-

Video Marketing – with the help of video marketing you can get so much profit in online earning. Make short videos about your services and upload them to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube. Make sure that in your video the link of your Truelancer offer should be there. This can really be effective as long as you use creative video titles and upload videos on a regular basis.

Internet Forums – if you are an internet worm you are definitely aware that millions of people are involved with some sort of internet forum. It simply means that forums would be a great place to advertise your services. Find popular forums where people who could use what you are offering would be. Once you find these forums you should join them and start using them in daily routine. You should choose the forum where you will be able to place your link. This is a place at the end of all of your comments where you can put a clickable link of your service. Using these methods can really boost up your Truelancer earnings. This is indeed a great way to make some money online. And Truelancer makes it simple to earn money online.

Social Media –  It is an another place where you can promote your Gigs and drive traffic to get more buyers. But make sure you complete your Gigs, before sharing it on social media sites.

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Build Relationship with Buyers: An Extra Tip

There is a rating system in place which help buyers choose the best service. So, to become a good seller on Truelancer, you need to provide high quality services and also you need to interact with your buyer. It will help you build relationships which will result a High rating. You can also remove the middlemen and have straight forward seller-buyer agreements, if you have good relationships. I have seen many Buyers-Sellers working together for years. You can also do the same, but you need to provide high quality services with good support to be able to reach the same level.

How you get paid?

Some of Freelancer think about How I will get My Payment or etc etc Problems so don’t worry about it Truelancer have many options for withdrawal.

  1. Direct Bank Transfer – (Currently Available in India)
  2. Global Bank Transfer using Payoneer (provides local bank transfer in 200+ Countries )
  3. Paypal Account
  4. Payoneer Account

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So, that’s it. If you have any question Regarding “Making Money Online with Truelancer“, then feel free to comment below with your query.

  1. Nice sharing. I know something about truelancer but I am not sure that I can earn money by truelancer. From your article, I have learned details about truelancer. Thanks for you awesome article.

  2. I posted 3 services on Truelancer last month. At starting stage there was no sale but now its working.. i am selling 2-3 of my services every 4-5 days… Its gud blog.. Aggree

  3. I am felling sad to say that i am not recieving any order on Truelancer kindly if you have any suggestion in your mind then share it with me because i love your blog and your blog always help me I hope this time i shall get also help

  4. This Is A Great Post But I Posted A Gig On Truelancer But No Sale Send Me Some Suggestions To Sale More
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