Make Money Online by uploading files

These days, everyone is looking to earn income from any online method. But finding a legitimate and easy opportunity is difficult. So, that’s why, In this Article We will Learn How to Make money Online by Uploading Files as there are many websites available who will Pay their Members for Every Download of File which they have uploaded.

So, this is Pure Marketing as Uploading and Promoting Files to get Maximum Download to Make More Money. There are Lot of Websites Paying $0.001 to $20 Per Download. If you specially have a Lot of Traffic on websites where you are sharing your File then Earnings will grow very Quickly. In simple words, more downloads means a lot of cash in your pocket.

So Now we are sharing Some websites that Enables Everyone to Make money Online by Uploading Files.

1. ShareCash

ShareCash is one of the best PPD (Pay Per Download) Website that also has the Highest Payout per Download. Since 2009 ShareCash has Been Providing Best Features for their Members to Enhance them make more Money from their Files.

2. Docstoc

Docstoc is also a very well Known Documents and Files Uploading Site that will Share 50% of Adsense Revenue with their Members. Members of Docstoc can Upload various Type of File Formats Like XLS, DOCX, TXT ,XLS, PPT, PDF and DOC.
Docstoc can Generate Very Good Income for Members who are Consistent in Uploading Files to Docstoc.

3. Deposit Files

Deposit Files is Also a Very well Know File Uploading Site that Pay their Members for Uploading and Sharing.
Deposit Files Enables their Users to Upload anything they Want and Get Paid. They can Upload any Song , Video , Article , MP3 , Etc. and Get Paid for it.

4. Ziddu

Ziddu is One of the top 5 File Uploading Website that is Available in 16 different languages. Ziddu is little different from other similar sites as they Don’t offer any Premium Accounts. They Pay for Their Members for Every Unique Download on Files they have Uploaded.
They Accepts Only 18+ Registrants and Have only $10 Minimum Payment Amount. They Pays Via PayPal and Moneybookers .

5. Crocko

Crocko Pays $1 Per 500 Downloads. But they Have Strict Rules and Regulations as Inactive Files for 60 Days will get Removed and Files Violating their Terms will also be Removed.

6. Uploading

Uploading is Another Website that Pay their user for Unique Downloads. They have a $30 Minimum Payment amount and they Pay via PayPal , Wire Transfer , Webmoney , etc.
This Site also has a Remote accessing facility for their user to access their Files Remotely on other devices.

So these are Top 6 Websites that Pay Users for Uploading different Types of Files.
So , Go and Make Money Online by uploading files, but remember not to upload any illegal material otherwise these sites will ban your account. So, Obey the rules and regulations..

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