How to Make Money on YouTube?

How to Make Money on Youtube?

These days Online earning is incredibly increased with so many of users trying very hard to get cash in their pockets and many of them are succeeding too. But there are also a huge number of users who are not able to earn online. Why ?

Because they are not able to find a legitimate way to earn. This is the story many Youngsters as they get trapped by many earning scams. But from now onwards, there is no need to find an online earning method because I am sharing a big legitimate way which can get you huge cash if you work regularly on it.

How to Make Money on Youtube?

That Money earning way is YouTube, the biggest Video sharing site. Now, you would be thinking How to make Money on YouTube? or How you can make money on YouTube? Well, I know you wanna know it as early as possible, so I quickly get to the point without wasting too much time.

Steps to Make Money on YouTube

You need to follow the below given steps to be able to earn income from YouTube.

#1 Create A Channel on YouTube using a Google Account

In the first step, you need to create a channel on YouTube by signing Up with Google Account. You can create multiple channels with a single Google account. But remember to choose a unique but simple name for each of your channel as well as a good username. So, people can easily remember it.

You can also choose your Name, or your Blog’s name or any other things which an help you in branding. In my case, I have Multiple channels using My Own Name “Atinder Gill”, My blog’s name, etc..

#2 Add videos, but after Keyword Research

Now, the next step will be to Ad lots of content on your channels, but before adding videos, do some keyword research and create a list of keywords with high monthly searches. Once done, you can go forward, create a video using each of your keyword and then upload it to your channel. You have to do again and again and again.

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#3 Become A YouTube Partner and Apply for Adsense Account

After uploading Videos, Go to Settings page and Become a YouTube Partner by hitting Monetization Button. After hitting the button, accept all terms and conditions, Now, Ads are enabled on your channel, but to show Ads, you need an apply for an adsense account and to apply for a new Adsense account, open the below given link and follow the instructions.

If you find any difficulty, then you can My post “How to Create GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT (Hosted) with YouTube“.

#4 Share your Videos on Social Networks

If you are creating some quality videos, then don’t forget to use the social media power because it can quickly go viral and earn you big bucks. But remember the meaning of quality, Original Videos. If you know the meaning of these words, then , you will surely get success on YouTube because it is much easier than earning from a blog. Although it takes some hard work in the first few days or weeks, but later on you can earn some constant money.

One more thing, Never ever try to upload someone others video, because it will not earn you anything, you should provide your own content because a copied content has less chances of going viral than a unique one. So, go for Unique Self created Videos and you will certainly get success.

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So, this is the Guide to teach you “How to Make Money on YouTube?“. I hope it is helpful. If you have any confusion, feel free to ask via comments and also don’t forget to share your views on this earning method.

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