How to Make Money with TextBroker as Writer ?

How to Make Money with TextBroker as Writer ?

Freelance writing has gone to a new level. You will see many individuals working full time as freelance writers and making Huge money. That’s why it has become a career option for many youngsters. They know that Big money is waiting for them in this field, but only few of them know how to reach there? The Majority of times they get discouraged due to lower payments of sites where they write. So, today I am reviewing best option for all those who want to Earn Money writing. There is a site called TextBroker who Pay a Good amount for each Article.

What is TextBroker?

It is a website which creates a link between webmasters and writers. It provides webmasters a high quality content and writers the opportunity to make money by writing quality Articles.


How to Make Money with TextBroker ?

Writers can make money by writing articles for textbroker. You don’t need to have an Adsense account.
TextBroker pays you for completing Assignments. But to start, you need to create an account by adding your personal information and a sample article on this website and then, wait for for editors to review your profile, After review they will give you a level from 1 to 5. Most of the time users get 2, 3 or 4 Levels. If you got level below 3, then, you will only get a few assignments which will pay you less money. So, to make huge income from this website, you need to have 4 or 5 level and to get that, your writing skills needed to be professional.

Textbroker is a website which doesn’t allow newbies to make money because all of their clients want professional work. So, there is no scope for average writers, only quality written content will be accepted.

How much you can Earn?

As I already explained that they pay according to your level. If you are a level 5 writer, then, you will get high pay per word. Yes, you heard it right. They pay Per Word. It means longer the assignment (Article) you get, the higher will be the money you earn. In Simple words, level 5 writer will get paid about $25 to $30 for a 500 word Article.

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Tips to Earn Money Writing for TextBroker

#1 Learn Reserching

If you wanna become a successful freelance writer, then, you need to learn researching because sites like TextBroker, Gigbucks providing freelance writing Opportunities will not let you write fro your comfort Zone. You have to write according to the needs of clients. In doing so, researching plays a major role as you will get many unfamiliar topics.

#2 Speed and Quality Both matters

It is quite clear that if you write a lot of articles quickly, then , you will get more money, but while focusing of Speed, never compromise on quality. Because Quality will help you become a Level 5 write which will increase Pay Rates.

#3 Avoid Ruler Clients

There two types of clients on this website. One will give you so many rules and One will only provide you the topic and the word count. In the beginning you will like the first type of clients who will give you all information about the topic, but remember they will not accept articles with a single mistake. You need to comply with all rules.
On the other hand, if you write for clients who only provide your simple topic, then, you are at a very good place because those types of clients will accept articles more easily. But in the end, it’s your choice.

#4 Don’t go for Low Star Assignments

Suppose you are a level 5 write and you take too much 2 or 3 star assignments, then, you can lose your stars. Because level 2 assignment can only provide you 2 stars and the fact is that TextBroker assign a rating depending on last 5 articles. So, you may find yourself demoted if you continue writing for Low level clients.

#5 Ask for Direct Orders

That’s the best way to Make Money with TextBroker. Actually, not with Textbroker, but from clients. If you have high Star rating then, you can ask clients to give you direct orders. But only to those clients who give you 5 star rating. It will certainly increase your income.

#6 Profile Impression

As usual your profile can do a lot of good for you, if you make it attractive. You can get many direct orders. So, work on your profile and make it professional.

#7 Patience is Key

In the beginning, you may get discouraged a bit, but remember there is no way to Make easy money. You have to work hard for some period of time to get the desired results. So, keep patience and continue working for this website, success will come your way sooner than later.

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So, these are some tips that can help you Make Money with TextBroker. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to ask via comments. And don’t forget to share this on social networks.
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  1. One of the best online money making way is content writing , because every website needs pure and 100% content people who has good english skills they can start 2nd earning online income with textbroker .. i will register & try thanks to Atinder S Gill you provide honest tips …

  2. Those are great tips, Atinder. But it is very, VERY hard to get rated at 5 stars on Textbroker. I’ve tried and failed. But even my 4 star rating allowed me to earn hundreds of dollars on that site in the past. But nowadays there are not many assignments available, and even the few they have are often very difficult to fulfill.

    Your readers might also find of interest. Unlike Textbroker, Pukitz does not require writers to give up the rights to their articles, so writers still own their articles and can sell them later on or remove them from Pukitz and republish them on another site if they want.

    Pukitz pays 50 cents per post, per month. So it’s more of a passive income kind of site. That’s $6 a year, which is comparable to Textbroker’s pay rate. But articles that stay published on Pukitz for more than a year can earn much more in the long run.

    Good luck with all your blogging and earning goals.

    1. Well Chris, every online earning site has their own merits and demerits, we can’t compare them with each other. It depends on user, i have seen people making big bucks from textbroker and i have seen people crawling for few.

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