What it takes to Make Money with Google Adsense ?

What it takes to Make Money with Google Adsense ?
Google Adsense is one of the surefire ways to Make Money Online. Majority of Bloggers using it as their only way to generate income and I am sure you are also doing the same.

But, Are you Really Making Money with Adsense? Is it sufficient to live a prosperous life? Do You like to Earn More? And, What it takes to Make Money with Google Adsense?
These are some Questions you must Ask yourself, while working as a Publisher with Adsense and try to find out the best Answers for you.

If you are not able to find Answers, then, don’t worry, i will do it for you. Today we will discuss all of these questions and also give some basic tips to increase earnings with Adsense. So, without wasting too much time, let’s start with Business part of this Article. Before discussing above given questions, we share some facts about Adsense.

  • It is the property of Google.
  • It is totally Free to use Earning Ad network, but very difficult to get an account.
  • Adsense share 68% of Revenue with their Publishers which means if Advertiser paying $10 for one click, then, Publisher will get $6.8 which is very good as compared to other Ad networks.
  • Best for Advertisers as they only have to pay when someone click their Ads and also Adsense has the most advanced system to fight against illegal activity’s.

What it takes to Make Money with Google Adsense ?

What it takes to Make Money with Google Adsense?

1.  Unique, Quality Content targeting Correct Keywords

As you know Google likes Quality Content on websites. So, if you want to earn with Adsense, then you need a lot of Quality content Optimized with Rich-Keywords. You will need some keyword research before writing any post or page because keywords in that post will decide the amount of money you get through each click. In other Words, CPC (Click per cost) depends on Keywords.
Now, you got a fair idea about the importance of keywords. But remember one thing, Your content must be relevant to your site otherwise no one will like it, including Google, Adsense, and mainly the Advertisers. So, make sure you choose High paying keywords related to your Niche.

2. Design of Your Site and Ad placement

Both Adsense team and the Advertisers love a well designed site. Suppose you want to advertise and you have two different options. One is a well designed, attractive site and other is a casual old design.
99 times out of 100, you will select a well designed site. So, think it accordingly and make an attractive responsive design. It will certainly boost your earnings.
Another important thing is the placement of your Ads. If your Ads are placed at useless places, for example, in Footer or in the sidebar below all widgets, then, they will not generate any clicks from visitors. So, only place Advertisements at places where readers can get the clear view. Below is a list all those places where you can place Ads.
  • Under Post Title (Make sure post title doesn’t become heading for Advertisement)
  • Between Posts (Again Make sure any keywords doesn’t become Heading for Advertisement)
  • Top of Sidebar (Use Big Skyscraper to increase earnings)
  • Under Menu Navigation Bar (use Big Banner)
Use Recommended Ad Formats:-
  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Large rectangle (336 x 280)
  • Leaderboard (728 x 90) 
  • Wide skyscraper (160×600)
  • Large skyscraper (300 x 600)

3. Most Important Traffic

If your website doesn’t receive quality traffic, then, you can do whatever you want, it will not make you any earning. So, before applying any of the methods for Adsense, you must need to get Decent loyal traffic. The CTR and CPC will also depend on the quality of your traffic. So, Work a little harder to get quality traffic coming to your site.
Note:- Don’t use any of the traffic generation software’s available online. It will only help you to get banned by Adsense.

4. Read and Follow all Adsense TOS

I think this point doesn’t need a real explanation. As you know, Adsense has a real hard Policies for their publishers. So, you need to comply these Policies to continue working with Adsense, Otherwise, they will ban your account and you are never coming back. Below is a short list of some important TOS.
  • Avoid Invalid Activity’s, including Invalid traffic and clicks.
  • Avoid Monetizing Copyrighted or duplicate content.
  • Don’t Encourage clicks
  • Monetizing Hacking, Cracking content is not allowed.
  • Any Drug, Weapon material in not allowed to monetize.
This is a very real short list of Adsense Polices. You can read full Here: – Adsense Terms of Services
Are Adsense Earnings sufficient to live a prosperous life?
Yes, you can live a prosperous life with Adsense Earnings as we have seen many Real life Examples. But, for making this possible, you will need a proper business plan and a huge amount of traffic.
Experts Advice and also Mine:-
Many Experts say that you should never rely on one income source. Google Adsense should be your second income source if you like to have a Job. If you only like to work online, then, using many other sources like Paid reviews, Affiliate marketing is very important. 
In Simple Word, Don’t ever rely on Adsense because this earning will depend on many different criteria. So, Earning will differ month by month.
How much Money you Making with Adsense?

Now, this question cannot be answered by me. You know better about your Earnings. So, Why not you share it in the comments section. So, we can talk about more on this topic. And also you may find an another trick to increase Your earnings from each other. So, what you are waiting for, start commenting.

  1. Hello Atinder Nice article on Adsense, But getting Fully approved adsense account is getting tough day by day as google strickt it policy.

  2. Hello Atinder,

    Great Article Atinder 🙂

    Everybody wants to increase their AdSense earnings and it is important to make sure that good steps are taken to ensure that you read all the guidelines of the AdSense program so that it can help you to make some good money from Google Adsense .

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us 🙂

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