These days, many are finding different ways Make money Online. Some are looking for Writing Jobs, some for Video uploading trick, and some for Image Uploading or selling. So, after explaining 2 of these 3 Ways to earn in my last posts, So I decided to explain the third one today with a detailed Guide on “Make money selling Images“. There is a website called iStockphoto which enables you earn income from your images. Wanna know more? Let’s discuss it briefly.

What is iStockphoto?

iStockphoto is a website for photographer to store their photographs and make money with their photography Skills. They have many followers like Bloggers, Webmasters who looking to get new stuff from their Website and this company charges an amount for each download of some media and that’s where the opportunity comes to Make money by selling images.


How to Apply for iStockphoto?

Talented Photographer’s can apply by submitting the sample’s of their work which will be reviewed by the site’s moderators within Few Working Days and Notified via Email Either denial or approval of the Account.
Photographers also have to Send their Driver’s License photocopy to prove their Age.
If approved, then they are ready to make money by selling their quality pictures at istockphoto.

Wanna Apply:- Read this Full Guide and Apply

Which type of Photographs can be Sold on iStockphoto?

Photographer’s can Sell any type of Images as they are taken from them and doesn’t available on the Internet.
They can Sell Images of People’s, Object, Nature, Scenery, Models , etc. But remember, your stuff needs to be unique and creative, otherwise your hard work will not pay off because of the high competition on iStock Photo.

How Much Photographer’s Can Earn With iStockphoto?

As you know you can Make money selling Images (download Licence). They will pay you 15% – 45% for each download of your Media. And Also, this may vary According to the quality of the Images. Better the Quality of Images, More the money it will earn.
As I have seen Earnings More than $500 per month as I also have seen some user’s crawling to make $50 per month.
So, it totally depend on you how much money you can make?

But remember there is a lot of competition around on this Website so you need to work hard ad select good keywords for your quality media. Then only you will earn a large amount.

Final Words on iStockphotos

So, this is the way you were finding to Make Money Selling Images. This Website iStock will really help you fulfill your dream if you are a professional photographer. They have Huge traffic of Picture lovers. So, It’s worth to apply to this Website. But remember, in the beginning it will be a hard work as account approval can take some time. So, I will advise to submit your best work so you can get a quick approval.

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If you have any confusion or wanna ask question related to iStockPhoto, feel free to ask via comments. And also Keep visiting My Blogger World for More ways to Make Money Online.

  1. Really this is a good way to earn money if you are a photography freak. uploading them on FB has no worth. however, on istock as you mentioned has. 🙂

    Thumbs up for this post. I will suggest this to one of my friend Sukhkanwar Pal

    1. thanks for you valuable time buddy and Your fiend will make lots of money from this Website. Keep Reading.

  2. This is really useful for photographers.I have a relative who captures great photos of nature.I will tell him about istockphotos.

    1. Yes iStockphoto very Useful for photographers. Keep Reading Bikramjit

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