Make Money Online without Investment for Students

Make Money Online without Investment for Students
Money is most important for everyone these days. All of us looking for various opportunities to Make money, no matter online or offline. When we talk about Online, it doesn’t any investment, you only need to work hard to get the money in your pocket. But its always a good feeling when you earn money without paying anything in the beginning.

As I am talking here, you will be thinking, it seems easy. Actually, it is not an easy job. Most difficult part of this earning method is finding legitimate ways to Make money Online. But, newbies can not find legitimate ways due to the huge number of scams available. They can fall in the trap of those Scam companies and lose hope in the end. Remember those Scams will not pay you anything. They just ask you to do the job and once work done, they will run away with your money in their pockets. So, that’s why we are here talking about the Best methods to Make money Online without Investment. So, let’s start without wasting too much time.

Make Money Online without Investment for Students

Ways to Make Money Online without Investment

#1 Online Jobs

There are many Jobs available online who can let you make money. You can find those Jobs at sites like,,, ,, etc. This option can be bet one for Students because that was the time, when they have deep knowledge of any topic. Suppose you are a good programmer or web designer, then, you can find Jobs related to web designing or programming on these sites. Similarly, you find all types of freelance Jobs.

#2 Blogging

A sure shot way to Make income, but requires a lot of hard work. It also needs some time, but once you start getting money, it will increase day by day. It is one type of business. It doesn’t require any investment to start. You can create your blog at and start Blogging, but if you really wanna become expert in this field, then, you need to pay a little amount to Buy Domain Name. I will recommend reading below given Post.

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#3 Make money by Writing Articles

This way of earning money is trending these days with so much improvement of English writing skills among Youngsters. Majority of Students is very Good Essay writers due to Quality of study. SO, they can earn money by using those skills online.
They can get Payed for each article, money will depend on the quality of articles they write. You can write for sites like, Hubpages, Wizzley, Infobarrel , etc..

#4 Earn Income by Answering Questions

This method is also a well known way to generate income for students. Because Answering questions are in the blood of students. From School to College, Questions Answers have been their life. So, they can use that experience and also some more knowledge about various topics to answer questions online. These are sites who will pay you money for doing the same.,,, etc..

#5 Generate Income by doing Surveys

Surveys are another way to generate money online. There are many companies who are willing to get customer feedback on their new products. You only need to give feedback to those companies and get money for that. It is the simplest way, but finding legitimate survey companies can be a difficult one. So, I recommend below given sites.

#6 Earn by Selling stuff Online

Another Simple method for both students and adults. You can sell all those stuff online which is not required in your life. Most Popular site where you can sell stuff is Ebay. The money you make through this step will differ according to the type of stuff you sell on ebay.

#7 Producing Videos

There are two different ways which you adapt to make money with Videos. One way is by Producing Videos and Selling them on Demandstudios. This way you will need to take care of the quality. But the second way is much easier if you don’t have the ability to create very high quality videos. You can upload them at Sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe who will either let you show Ads on your videos using Adsense or give you money when you video get High Number of Views.

Final Verdict

So, these are some ways to Make money online without Investment. All these methods will help you earn,, but you will need some dedication and hard work in succeeding. So, All the best and Happy earning.
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  1. Great tips. This article is a must read for all website owners… Good work. Nice and Informative post.

  2. thanks very much , feels happy to listen to some exciting personality with a such a nice heart to help people and indeed help himself in return.
    Congrats for your present success & all the very best for your future ..

  3. Hmmm….
    Really Nice list of Home based earning. Surely will help to students and they can utilize their pass time.

  4. Thanks for the great information, I am using YouTube to make money with affiliate marketing. Publishing videos on YouTube of with my affiliate links. This is great stuff I can do without any investment.

  5. Make Money for Free you do not have to pay anything even do not require refer anyone just join this full easy proven training and system and Make money without spending money. So enjoy

  6. Very Nice Post Sanu πŸ™‚ Thanks for Share It.
    I hope that it will help to student who want to earn money online πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks Admin For Sharing The Ways To Make Money Online. Nice and Informative post.

  8. Hi Siddharth,
    Nice share, Writing articles is one of the best ways to make money online without investment. I’ll personally recommend this way to college for making money online.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. i have recently found another way to make money online by doing some simple surveys for amazon ebay etc…
    (watch my name to know more from that)

  10. hello,
    online jobs is good thing to make money without investment. And students earn money without investment, All of list is awesome and very good.

    1. Yeah Vishal.

      Nice to see your first comment on my blog.

      Keep Visiting.

  11. Surveying is a bad option for students willing to earn money. It wastes a great portion of important time and effort. Pays nothing, to be very honest. #Experience

  12. Online jobs like data entry is really easiest way to generate income for students. However blogging needs little investment at start but it’s a good choice for students.

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