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Music is everywhere. All of us love hearing music, no matter what type of mood we are in. Everyone has their own choice of songs and Audios.  But do you know you can also Make money by selling music, Sounds Online.

Yes, it can be done using all latest technology software’s which help us creating unique ringtones or songs. You may have seen many of your friends working as a DJ or Audio editors, making huge income from it. But only few of them know that there is a way to sell music online and make money. That way is It allows us to sell Media packs, Music, Audio, and Make money Online. Let’s learn a little more about the same topic.

What is AudioJungle and How to Make Money with AudioJungle?

As you know, many big companies want tons of Multimedia items for Advertising campaigns. All those advertisements you see daily with video, images, audios are built with Multimedia content which is Sold by a normal people like you. Those companies pay high amount for that. But Problem is that, we can’t directly contact those companies. So, AudioJungle. plays a middleman role. Actually, A.J.  is a place where users can Make Money by selling Music,Sounds effects and the Media Packs. They will pay you a high amount if your content has some quality. So, its worth for music producers to work for them and make a huge income without even working offline.

How to Start at AudioJungle?

To Become a Contributor at A.J. you need to register an account and then visit the FAQ section to understand the website and the earning benefits they offer.
Then You have to watch a tutorial for contributors and then take a short quiz. Once you successfully qualified in the quiz, then you re done.
Now see what items are being sold more at AudioJungle and only then start producing your audio tracks and sound effects.

Positive Points:-

  1. Simple and Attractive website design to attract more customers.
  2. The Support system is very friendly.
  3. They have Rocking Community where you can constantly promote your stuff.
  4. An Awesome Price Structure.
  5. Takes only a few weeks to make huge income, if you produce quality content.

Tips to Make More Money with

#1 Quality Matters

Always focus on Quality content. It is a simple method to earn more. High Quality Music means more Buyers which will help you make more money.

#2 Adapt to Changes

You need to focus on two main things, “What is your strength and what Customers like”. Based on these two questions, you can produce content according to that, which will be a hit. Also, day by day many changes occur to the marketplace. So, learn to adapt to changes.

#3 Promote your music

You can use Social Networking sites who have a huge number of music lovers. You can get many customers from these sites. So, Promote yourself properly and remember not to spam any of your customers.

#4 Connect with Others

You can use A.J. community to connect with new peoples to promote yourself. It will certainly help you gain more customers.

#5 Collaborate with VideoHive Authors

You may not able to contact them straight forward, but you can produce stuff they like and it will automatically attract them towards your content. You will certainly see an increase in Sales.

#6 Join SoundCloud

You can join SoundClound and post your coolest stuff there. It will immensely increase your Sales. You can also use other popular Audio sharing sites to promote yourself.

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How Much You Earn?

Users can Earn up to 70% of sales revenue. It can be different according to the amount of sales.You can read more about the payment rates and earning program at their website.

Referral program at AudioJungle?

Their is a Referral program at A.J. where you will earn 30% of the earnings your referral earn. You can learn more about this on their official site. They can anytime change the rules of affiliate system.

How you get Paid?

There are many payment Systems Available at AudioJungle like PayPal, Payoneer, Moneybookers etc. The Minimum Payment Amount is $50.

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