How to Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging
Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging. These days everyone wants to Make money Online. The majority individuals are succeeding in doing so by selecting one of many methods available. I have recently written a post for to Help student and Teenagers Make money online and it helped many boys and girls getting some cash in their pockets.

Today I selected another topic which will help them make money online, but unlike other methods it is pure business. Students and teenagers can also make it their career if they want because It can earn them a huge money if all steps followed correctly.

This method is Blogging. Yes, you heard it right and you also may have seen many Bloggers making thousands of dollars per month. And I am sure you also want to make the same amount of money. But to do so, you need a Good Blog and Then you need some quality traffic.

Make Money Blogging
Make Money Blogging

I suppose you are complete newbie an you don’t have any blog. So, let me explain it from the beginning. You just need to follow the below given steps to guide yourself to become a money making tycoon.

#1 Create New Blog

First of all you need a Blog if you want to Make Money Blogging. To create one read the below given Articles.

These posts will help you create a Free blog because in the beginning paid blogs are not a good Idea. So, I will recommend you to create a Blog with Blogger. Also, don’t forget to Buy a Good Domain Name for your Blog.

#2 Write Quality Blog posts

After creating a Blog you should focus on writing some unique and quality Articles. You can take some help form below given posts.

I suppose you have written some quality blog posts. Now, you need some traffic. To get traffic you need to Create High Authority backlinks which will boost your ranking in search resulting in good organic traffic. Below are some posts which will help you create backlinks and also get traffic from search engine as well as from social media and bookmarking sites.

Now, After following these three steps, you will get some traffic. But remember, it will not happen over night. You have to wait for some months to get decent traffic. But once you started getting traffic, then, you completed one step towards your dream “Make Money Blogging“. Now, You need some ways of monetizing your blog traffic. So, below is the list of all those methods which will help you Make Money Blogging.

Check this Pdf by Nikhil Ganotra:- Basic blog tips and make money blogging guide

 Top ways to Make money Blogging

 #1 Google Adsense

You must have heard this name “Adsense”. It is the best to Make income from your Blog as it provides high paying CPC Ads. If you have Quality traffic, then,you can earn thousands of dollars per month using Adsense on your blog. Below are some Articles related to Google Adsense which you must read.

#2 Other Ad Networks

You can also use other Ad networks Like, Adversal, Chitika, BuySellAds, etc. They don’t have High CPC like Adsense but you can decent amount if you have traffic coming from the US or Canada.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate System is another good way to Make money Blogging. There are many affiliate networks like Amazon, Ebay, Viglink, Skimlinks, clickbank, etc. who will pay you a decent amount as commission when you sell their product via your affiliate ID.

#4 Sponsored Posts

There are many Companies who willing to pay money to promote products. They pay Bloggers a huge amount of money to review their products. But remember these reviews should be honest. If you have Good Rankings, then, you can earn a lot via this method.

#5 Services

You can also provide your own services like Blog consultant, SEO consultant to help newbies, but remember to only provide mastery services. In simple words, only provide those services which you mastered. For Example, If you got a clear idea about On Page SEO, then you can provide your services to help others in Optimizing their blogs and then charge some money for those services.

You can also earn from Freelancing by showing your work on your blog and write Good about page on your Freelancing website’s Page and i’m sure people will attract and they will hire you . SO, for this service you have to work as a Freelancer here.

#6 E-Book Selling

If you have a bunch of Loyal Readers, then, you can write your own E-book and then sell it on your blog. But remember to make it unique and attractive. If it includes some quality content, then, your loyal readers will surely buy it.

Final Words

So, these are some ways to Build quality Blog and Make money Blogging. In the end I just wanna say don’t go for for money in the initial days of blogging. Just try to provide quality content and get some traffic. After you succeed, then ,you can later select any of the above mentioned monetizing methods and Make money Blogging. So, that’s it with the Article.

If you have Any confusion, feel free to ask via comments.

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  2. Hi Sanu,
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    and i love to do affiliate marketing through my blog and adsense is best way of regular earning.

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  3. Hi Sanu,

    This is a very useful post, because it clearly lays out the important steps to becoming a successful blogger AND gives more detailed information in the extra posts highlighted for each step.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

  4. Thanx for this post. I just have a question at won’t point in time would you say its the best time to monetize a blog with say adsense. at what traffic level?

  5. Hi Sanu,
    You have outlined some great ways people can make money from blogging. I think no matter what we do as bloggers our posts must be quality.
    I have not tried many of the ways you mention so I have learned some valuable information, thank you.
    For me it has mainly been about promoting affiliate products.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Sue,
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      Actually i’m also learning and sharing my personal experience nice to see that you liked it.
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