How to Make Money as Cha Cha Guide

Are you looking to Earn income online?

Ofcourse Yes, But the majority of you couldn’t find a way. So, that’ why I am here with an Opportunity for you to Make Money as Cha Cha Guide. You will get this Opportunity on Website called, which is a Question Answer site. Wanna know more about it? Let me explain it briefly.

What is is a website providing Answers to your Questions. You can ask whatever you want and Cha Cha guides will answer it as soon as possible. Normally, it takes only a few minutes. This Website also provides answers via calls or Tests. You can call at 1-800-2-242-242 to Get your Answers. They will send you a text message on the same number from where you call ChaCha. So, it is one of the fastest problem solving sites.


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How to earn Money with

As I already explained that there are Cha Cha guides who gives answers. But In between they have a 4 step process and in that 4 step process, they allow you to make via 4 different ways. And those are, Generalist, Expediter, Transcriber, and Cha Cha Guide. All these are different, but related jobs on this website, which you can use to make money online. Below is an explanation of these jobs.

  1. Generalist :-  In this job you need to Answers Questions asked via a Calls or text messages, and you be paid per question criteria which means More questions, more money.
  2. Expediter:- In other words, Grammar checker. You just asked to check and correct grammar mistakes in all questions submitted at The paying criteria will be the same, Money per Question.
  3. Transcriber:- In this job, you will be asked to write down Questions asked through Calls. You need to write the exact thing asked by the user though audio call.
  4. Cha Cha Guide (Most famous):- I already explained,you need to Answers questions on their website and it is the highest paying job on this site. The majority of People from the world do this Job. So, I will advise you to do this, if you really wanna Make money from

How to Become Cha Cha Guide?

You need to follow the below given steps.

  1. Open This Link :- ChaCha Guide and Fill in all your details.
  2. After Filling in all details, you need to watch Introductory videos to make sure you are not a newbie.
  3. After watching the videos, you will be asked to take training. In that training, they will ask you 10 questions and you need to answer them correctly. So make sure you are correct before submitting any answer.
  4. Now, If you complete your training and Answer majority of questions correctly, then, you are done. Now onwards you can Make money by answering questions on

>>Another Website to Make money Answering Questions:-  WebAnswers

Benefits of becoming a Cha Cha Guide:-

  1. One Big Benefit is, you can earn Money in your free time or you can earn while doing any other work. For example, Watching TV.
  2. If you have good English writing skills and God Knowledge, then you can earn a lot on this website.

So, that’s it with the Article. I hope it will help you make money as Cha Cha Guide. If you any questions or confusion, feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. Hey atinder

    Great guide you mentioned regarding Frankly speaking, i haven’t heared before but, now i’m gonna try it once.

    Thanks for post.
    Anubhav Gupta

  2. Hello Atinder,

    This is my first time hearing about Chacha and it sounds like a great opportunity to me! I have so much free time at hand and I don’t want it to go to waste. I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks!

    1. Hi Dylann

      Cha Cha is good opportunity to make some income. You must give it a try.

  3. I want to make money from blogging this is nice way to make money. People see tv and do drink in spare time if they do blogging in this time they can make money. I was doing waste of my free time before 12 months. from last 12 Months I have started blogging and now I am getting 3$ per day Hope in next 6 Months I will cross more than 10$ per day

    1. Yes Sudheer you are right Blogging can earn everyone some money in their vacant time. I am happy you making God amount blogging.

  4. Hi Atinder S Gill
    It is great to see competition in money blogging is rising fast and smart bloggers are looking to every option for raising their online income.
    The source you pointed in this post is really cool. One just have to fully exploit it and easily add many bucks in his regular income.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource having an interesting name Cha Cha. 🙂

    1. Hello Mi Muba,
      Thanks for your Valuable comment and Yes smart bloggers always looking to raise income using more methods.
      Keep Reading.

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