Make In India-Everything You Need to Know

make in indiaTrust me, we hear a lot about this Make in India campaign these days and we still don’t know what the hell is going on around us. People are still ignorant of what exactly this make in India campaign is. Is it like some other nationwide campaign like pulse polio, which government announce time to time or it is something different? No, its definitely not like the normal campaign. It is one of the most ambitious campaigns of Indian government. Let’s have a look.

We all know, India has hoards of talents. Few Indian’s are among world top CEO across globe.make in india

But we are still too much depended upon foreigners. Aren’t we??? We have conducted successful Mangalyaan mission but still we are exporting missiles, software, pharmaceuticals, technology form other country.

And interestingly, we are a country having a population over 1.2 billion. 1.2 billion. Literally!!!!!! But still we are not able to produce all goods of our demand. We are still dependent on others in many ways. So are we making a joke of our own potential!!!!


Why we are so dependent on Foreigners. They manufacture goods for us, they lend technology to us. Are we not capable enough? Yup we are. We have the talent and manpower and raw material and resources too. So why shouldn’t we create things in India rather exporting? Why not we should make India a manufacturing hub for everything? A hub, where we can make different goods ranging from cars to software, satellites to submarines, pharmaceuticals to ports and paper to power. In fact we make India a manufacturing hub where we can create everything. That’s a pretty cool idea.

And what this make in India campaign will do to us?

Of course it will make us self-reliant. We will be a very proud and powerful nation. And most importantly, rather importing now we can export manufactured goods to the rest of the world. Yo!!!!!!!!

So what is make in India policy?

3333Make in India is a new national program which intends to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. It contains a bundle of proposals which urge local and foreign companies to invest in India and make this country a manufacturing superpower. It will create new jobs in many sectors and also enhanced the skill of Indian. It will also increase our GDP and per capita income.

It sounds really very cool idea but how it will be implemented?

Think, think and think over it.

make in indiaLiterally, the success of Make in India campaign depends upon the success of startups, expansion of small and medium Industry. Government here will focus on building physical infrastructure so startup, SME’s and native companies get the benefit.

Now look at the logo of Make in India

via owlreads
via owlreads

If you look at the logo of Make In India, It will silently tell a lot about its vision. This logo is derived from India’s national emblem. Here wheel denotes the progress and dynamism which point towards a vibrant future. The prowling lion stands for strength, courage and wisdom-the value that make us different and special. Pretty impressive logo. Isn’t it?

Different sectors which are chosen for Make in India

Government has identified 25 different sectors to implement manufacturing in India concept, where India can become a world leader. These sectors are-automobiles, aviation, chemicals, IT, construction, defense manufacturing, BPM, pharmaceuticals, electrical machinery, food processing, textiles and garments, ports, leather, media and entertainment, wellness, mining, tourism and hospitality, railways, automobile components, renewable energy, mining, bio-technology, space, thermal power, roads and highways and electronics systems.

Steps that will be taken to implement Make in India concept

There are lots of necessary steps that have been taken by government to implement this ambitious Make in India concept.


A-Establishment of Invest India cell: yup, as it is clear from its name, this will simply be an investor facilitation cell. This will simply guide all foreign investors on all aspects of regulatory and policy issues.


B-Consolidated and faster security clearances:

until now there are lots of different applications needed to be filled up in different departments to obtain a clearance of a single project. It seems a very cumbersome process.  Most of investors don’t want to go around filling those application forms and just wait.

Now the government has changed the police. Now there are no different applications for different purposes. Now all central government services will be integrated with an e-Biz single window online portal. All clearances to investment proposals will be given within 3 months of applications. Really a cool step!!!!!!


C-A dedicated portal for business queries: As government is really serious about making India a super manufacturing zone, so it is putting all efforts, so investor couldn’t face any problem. Now the government has setup a dedicated portal to tackle different queries from business entities. The dedicated portal is The back-end support team would answer specific queries within 72 hours.


D-Easing policies-


It is one of the most commendable effort taken by government as government policies usually happen to full of lengthy and tiring procedures. Lots of complicated norm which make an investor not to look at the opportunity.  

Now government is easing policy and making it investors friendly so more investors could invest in India. A vast number of defense items have been de-licensed so it could attract foreign investment.

So, is it really easy to implement this make in India policy?

Hell, absolutely nope!!! We all know foreign direct investment in India is still low. There are truckloads of challenges which needed to tackle first before going around to investors.

Challenges to implement make in India concept.

So what are these challenges?

Oh, let’s have a look

via backwaterreptiles
via backwaterreptiles

Policy delay-this is the most crucial challenge. In India still the process of getting the policy clearances is a challenge which makes it doing business in India tough. Here files move at snail’s pace from one department to other.

Political reason

make in india
Representational Image

Besides policy delay, many of the approvals falls within the preview of state. Sometime due to political reasons states asserts their political rights and don’t approve get clearance.


Ineffective administrative machinery

In India still most of bureaucrats and government officials are quite insensitive to handle such issues. They just do believe in doing their job. Widespread corruption among government officials is another issue. Creating healthy business environment will be possible only when the administrative machinery is efficient.

(All jokes are only intended to have fun. No other motive)

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