How to Make a Blog. If you are Free these days and wanna do something in your vacant time, then, Why not Make a blog? It’s Free, and it has many benefits for you. Let me explain the benefits of creating a Blog.

  1. A chance to publish your words and showcase your knowledge with your writing Skills.
  2. An opportunity to Make Money. You can also select this field as your career.
  3. You can build a Huge reputation for yourself, many others who like your writing will give you a lot of respect.

So, these are some benefits, you will get after creating a Blog and Posting your Articles. Wanna Know “How to Make a Blog?

There are many platforms available to create a Blog (both paid and Free). As you are looking to create a Free blog because a paid blog can be a big risk in the beginning without any blogging knowledge, then, I selected 3 top ways to create a Free Blog. Let’s take a close look at each all 3 platforms, one by one.

How to Make a Blog via 3 different platforms

Below is the step by step guide which will help you create a free blog.

#1 Blogger (Blogspot)

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platforms allows users to create Blogs using Google account. Let’s do it step by step.

Step 1:- Login to (Using Google account).

Step 2:- After logging in, you will see a simple dashboard as shown in the below given screenshot. In that Dashboard,you will find a button “New Blog”. Click that Button.

New Blog

Step 3:-  Now, Enter Title and Address (URL) of your Blog and click “Create Blog”.

Enter details Step 4:- Now, your blog is ready. Click at “New Post” and Publish your first Article.

New post

It’s all done. You have your own newly created Blog where you can share your knowledge and thoughts. Now, we move on to our next platform of “How to make a Blog” Guide.


WordPress is another platform to create a Free Blog. Follow the below given steps to create your new blog.

Step 1:- Open and you will see a screen asking you to “Enter Your Site Address” as shown in the screenshot below.

Create a Free blog by adding site addressStep 2:- Now, they will ask for your Email Address, Username and Password. Enter these details correctly. After entering these details, scroll down and you will see three different plans (Beginner, premium and business). Select Beginner plan by clicking on “Create Blog” below the beginner plan section as shown in the screenshot below.

Create blogStep 3:- Now, you need to confirm your Email Address by clicking on the link send to you in your Mail Inbox.  After confirming Your Email, just Add Title of your blog and you are done.

You have successfully created your new blog. Now, click “Add a New Post”  and start writing your first Article.

Now, we move on to our 3rd platform of “How to make a Blog” guide.

#3 Tumblr

Tumblr is mix of Blogging platform and social networking site where you can create a Free Blog or follow other blogs to get latest, interesting knowledge.

Step 1:- Open and Enter Email Username and Password correctly to create a new account.

detailsStep 2:- Now, Enter Title, description, Avatar of your blog and click “Make it”.

make it on tumblr

Step 3:- Now,you just need to follow 3 blogs from suggested list and You’re done. It’s easy as drinking cup of tea. You can now write your Article on your Tumblr blog or share other blog’s content.

So, this ends our Guide on “How to Make a Blog“. Now, don’t forget to read the recommendation Section.


All these three ways are best to create Free blogs, but I will recommend you to use Blogger (Blogspot) because it has a more popular, easy to use system which provides you more features than any other Free blogging platform.

Which Platform You like? Don’t forget to Comment.


  1. Hi Atinder,

    Nice tips there… Very much recommended for anyone that wants to start up a blog 🙂

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