How To Make Your Android Phone Child-Friendly With Kid Mode

Make Your Android Phone Child-Friendly With Kid Mode


Make Your Android Phone Child-Friendly With Kid Mode
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There are so many apps available for Android devices to make the parental controls. Among all, Kid Mode is one of the greatest and popular apps by Zoodles. This app not only adds several parental controls to just about any newer phone based on the Android OS, it also allows them in drawing, learning and creating wonderful things under a constant eye. All these things can take place without them being capable of accessing or messing with any personal stuff on your mobile devices. Once your kids are done with the paintings, only disable the Kid mode.

Setting up the Kid mode

Getting started with it, you will have to download this app to the compatible android device. Steps to follow to set up the Kid mode are mentioned below:

  • Start the app on your device and click on the ‘Get Started!’ option.
  • Confirm the accurate birth year as it is one of the best ways to disable the app.
  • Go through the setup procedure for your child and add all the kids, which will have access to the device and select the ‘Done’ option, once you are done with all the addition.
  • Move towards and add the apps in the step to come next you would prefer your kid to get access to aside from the offerings of the app on its own.
  • You can modify the settings as the way you want it for your kid like eliminating definite websites the app has pre-installed or changing limits and times.

Enabling and disabling the Kid Mode

To enable and disable the app, you need to go step by step in a right manner. Essential steps to follow are explained below:

  • Start the Kid Mode app, after its complete setup. When you are completed the job of adding all your kids, you need to start the app.
  • The next step you need to take it is to click on the Child’s image and then hand your mobile device over. This way, you are capable of enabling the app.
  • When you like to disable it, you have to get back to the main screen of your android mobile device. The next to do is to choose the x located in the upper right hand side of the screen.
  • It will be asked to enter your pass code, while prompted. It will disable the Kid Mode app. Now, you are capable of using the mobile as normal.

Have fun with Kid Mode

This app provides with quite a few of the features that are available completely free of cost. If you want to get the most out of this app with more extraordinary features, then you can upgrade it to a paid plan. You can give it a try to have fun with your kids. In this manner, with this useful and interesting app, your kids are capable of learning new things, drawing paintings and pictures and also be creative. So, get ready to download this app and play with your kids.

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