A Lunch of Pork by Muslim Professor

A Muslim professor at Delhi’s St Stephen’s College named Ashley has decided to host a pork lunch to give a message to society about personal freedom, tolerance and harmony. Religious tolerance is getting fragile day by day in India.

Why this lunch is important?

image source-fanbox.com
image source-fanbox.com

Islam forbids Muslims from eating pork and being a Muslim Ashley don’t eat pork, but he decided to host a lunch for them who enjoy pork. He will take them out for pork-lunch. The five people will be chosen on a first-come-first-served basis.

“I don’t eat pork for religious, cultural and personal reasons, but that doesn’t mean others can’t eat it.” Said the professor.

Recently In Jammu and Kashmir, an independent MLA was beaten up for hosting a beef party.

We need to look back at our own history

51685ce095b42.preview-300Professor told that our history teaches us the great lesson of tolerance. He said “he had read somewhere that Mahatma Gandhi, a teetotaler, had served Muhammad Ali Jinnah alcohol when he had gone to visit Gandhi.”

Anyway what a great initiative. Hats off professor!

(With inputs from Haffington post)