How Long a Blog Post Should Be?

How Long a Blog Post Should Be?

How Long a Blog Post Should Be. Blogging has certainly become a professional work these days. That’s why many newbie’s are coming. But only few of them get success. Why? There are many different reasons? One of them is Post Length. The majority of newbie’s writes about 150 word Posts, which is not an ideal length. So, that’s why we are discussing this topic today. I got many questions from Newbie’s about What is the Ideal Length of a blog Post?

So, I decided to write a short Post on this topic to explain “How Long a Blog Post should be”. So, newbie’s can learn something.
Before explaining, I would like to say, Different Bloggers have different Opinions about the Ideal length of a Blog post, but all those Opinions come from experience. So, today also I am sharing My experience as my written blog posts are from 150 words to 1500 words. In that learning Curve, I got to know that the ideal length of a blog post depends on many different factors which I have discussed below.

How Long a Blog Post Should Be?

How long a Blog Post should be (depend on many factors)

#1 Readers Time Span

There is very commonly known fact about the Readers time span. An Average reader spends only a few minutes on a website to read something. After that time span, readers hit the back button or shift to another post. So, it gives you a quite clear idea about how long a blog post should be.
If you still don’t get an idea, then let me explain. If you write long posts about 800-1000 words, then, a reader will not read it fully. But also a shorter post about 300 words will not be considered good because majority of topics needs more explanation and we cannot explain a topic in about 300 words. So, Posts about 500-600 words are the way to go for readers as it will contain sufficient Knowledge and also readers can read it in a short time span.

#2 Cover Topic Completely

I think I already told about it in the previous point. But I would like to elaborate it. As I said Majority of Topics need more than 300 words so 500-600 words should be the ideal length of a blog post. But there are some topics which need more explanation; it can even pass the 1000 word mark. In that case 1000 words are ideal length. Why? Because you should cover each topic completely without worrying about the length of the post. But to reduce the length of the post, you can remove unwanted phrases and write only main points with full explanation.

#3 SEO

You may have heard many Blogging tycoons say lengthy posts are good for SEO. They generally rank higher in search and rightly so, Google love in-depth content. So, if you only care about search engine, then, you can write long posts, but remember not to include any crap content to make it longer. Google will only rank it higher, if quality content is included.
Feeling Confused? Still don’t know “How Long a Blog Post Should Be“, Then check out the Result section.

What is the Ideal length of a Blog post? (Result)

You might feel confused after reading above points because it is very important to keep both readers and search engines in mind while writing a blog post. So, I will advise you to focus on 500, 600, 700 or a maximum of 800 words while writing an Article. Just Keep in Mind that Minimum word limit is 500 words and the maximum is 800 words, you have to complete your article within the limit. In the beginning you may find it difficult, but with some practice it will become easier for you to play with words. So, that’s it from my side.

What you think, what should be the Ideal length of a Blog post?


  1. Nice writeup bro Atinda, but I disagree with you for fact that; writing too lenghty posts sometimes scared readers away from glancing through all the contents, and readers do end up understanding nothing from the posts. Also note that some readers search for quick tips, not a 1,500+ words. Just my one cent though. 😛

  2. Nice post,writing post which is 500-800 words will get ranked higher than lesser words post than that.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Atinder,

    According me 400 to 500 is best and people will love to read. I always try to keep my Blog post length between this length and getting nice response.

    Thanks Bro for sharing 🙂

  4. 400 words works well for me Atinder cause I get to the point 😉 Thanks!

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