How to Logout From New Facebook Messenger App

How to Logout From New Facebook Messenger App

Well Everyone know About Facebook Messenger it’s really amazing IM . Recently just some days ago facebook updated it and adds some special feature just like Screen Popup Messaging, Group Connection and many more. But Facebook forgot to add “Logout” option.


Now, These days everyone have more than  1 account of facebook to use regularly on mobile and PC. So, as I told you feature of messenger is amazing, so everyone wants to use it enjoy it’s qualities. But main problem is everyone don’t know “How to Logout from Facebook Messenger”.

So, I am here telling you tutorials by which you can easily logout from this app and it’s easy too.

1- First of all you need to skip everything and go to Setting.

2. Scroll your page and go to > “Application Manager” or “Apps” .


3. Then here you need to scroll page and Find “Messenger” app click on it.


4. Here you will see a option “Clear Data” .



Now, when you again open “Messenger” app it will ask you to log in.



Now after the click on this Button your device will clear your data of this app. Don’t worry this will not affect any app or file of your mobile . 

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