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Update:- There are many Recent complaints about LinkWorth Payment. I got many Emails saying they don’t pay money. Users are only happy with their affiliate system. So, I Added this Update section to this Old Review. If you still use them, then, beware of the scam. I recommend you to use Adsense, Adversal, Chitika or other High Paying Adsense Alternatives.

What is LinkWorth?

It is a Market of Text link Ads. It offers Publishers a Unique way to earn Money by Selling Text Links on their websites and Advertisers to Increase Search Ranking By Placing Text Link Ads on High PR Blogs of Publishers.

How LinkWorth Operates?

It has Very Good System for Both Publishers and Advertisers.
Publishers have to submit their websites for approval from LinkWorth. After Approval their website get Listed in the List of publishers sites. Then Advertisers can choose on which site they wanna show Ads and then they have to Request to show Ads on Specific Publishers Website. Then LinkWorth will send Publisher Email about Advertisers request and will Ask Approve or disapprove ad. Ads will only be shown when Publishers approves.

Types of Products LinkWorth Provides?

1. Link Ads:- These are Normal Link Ads shown on Publishers websites.

2. Link Art :- This Product Allows Advertisers to Send their Articles to Publishers for Publishing.

3. LinkDir:- With this Advertisers can Submit their website Links to Various Online Directories.

4. LinkPost:- These are Sponsored Reviews that are Published by Publishers and they Get Revenue for Publishing Advertiser’s Sponsored Reviews.

5. LinkWords:- Link Words are like Link Ad Units of Adsense. These are PPC Ads. Advertiser can choose on which websites they wanna show Link Word Ads.

6. LinkBB:- With this Advertisers Hosts their written Content on Publishers websites once they Approves.

7. LinkInTxt:- With this Advertiser can Buy Link Ads on Publishers websites on specific Keywords.

8. LinkPack:– LinkPack can Earn Lots of Revenue for Publishers if they have Multiple websites by same topic. LinkPack Product Let Advertiser to Show Text Link Ads on Multiple Ads on Same Publishers multiple Websites.

9. LinkMura:- This Product Allows Advertisers to rotate Multiple URL Ads with Various Keywords on publishers website.

10. LinkSura:- This Product allows Advertisers to Rotate Single URL Ads on Publishers Website.

11. LinkPress:- With this Product Advertisers Press is distributed to Major News Websites Like CNN, etc.

How to Sign Up?

User can Open LinkWorth Official Website . When Users Open their Website they will ask to Enter Website Address and Press Submit. After submitting website they will Ask User to Submit Various Details Like Publishers Information , Payment Information , Website Information and Description , Tax Information. After Submitting All these Information Publishers have to wait for at least 24-48 Hours because they will Review each Website Submitted by Publisher closely. Once Approved they can start Making Money.

Affiliate System?

When your site gets approval status from LinkWorth, you automatically become an affiliate of this Website. You can refer any number of Publishers and Advertisers to get commission into your pocket. When we talk about the amount of earnings via affiliate, they pay $50 for first $100 earned by publishers (referred by You) or $100 spent by an advertiser (referred by you). Also, you will get lifetime 5% income of all your referrals.

LinkWorth Payment ?

Link Pays Via PayPal , MoneyBookers ,check ,Wire Transfer When Amount Reaches Minimum Payment threshold ( $25 for PayPal and MoneyBookers, $100 for Wire Transfer or check).

Note:- Read the Update section written in the beginning of this Article about Payments.

LinkWorth details:-

Commission Type: CPA,CPC,PPC,Paid Blog Reviews
Minimum Payout: $ 25
Payout Frequency: 10th of Every Month
Payout Method: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:866.565.9784

If you have any question or complaint about this Ad Network, feel free to comment below.

  1. Until now, I’m still get my payment.. But, to get that, I always send them ticket that tell “why my payment this month is late?” A few days later, I’ve got my payment.. Every month I was sent a new ticket.. But, still beaware.. This linkworth is not the same when its 1st release..

    Sorry for bad english. I hope you can understand what I meant. Thanks

  2. Linkworth is a scam company. Before you reach your payment threshold they will reply to all your mails and tickets. But when you reach the payment threshold and they generate this fucking invoice that payment has been release the payment will never come to you. And they will not reply to any mails or tickets. Seems like their only intention is to chit publishers.

    I am surprised to see many people complaining about cheating in payment in all over internet. So beware of these cheaters.

  3. the commenter above (Zlatan) is lying. He’s probably one of linkworth’s staff. Dont trust him. LINKWORTH IS NOT GONNA PAY YOU!

  4. Today after i explained to admin what was wrong he have sent my payment. They have problem with support what i can se. But you can always contact admin on linkworth.

  5. Last 6 month payment has not been received 249.3 USD, by 27th 8, 2014, despite opening numerous support tickets. Publishers please be aware of linkworth is SCAM site.

    After my support tickets i cant access linkworth hehehehe funny.
    Your account is currently on hold. For further information please contact us at linkworth and include your username or account number.

    I still have all the evidence either in screenshot and email archive that Linkworth is not paying me for the job (guest post and links) on my blog. I know it’s not much but I still respect what I earn and most importantly to avoid other people scammed like me.

  6. Linkwoth still not give my payment as publishers for July 2014 and August 2014. I an no longer use their service. NOT WORTH

  7. They haven’t paid me for the last 2 invoices (April 2014, July 2014). I’ve contacted them several times, but I have not received a reply. Not even once! It’s like they’re ignoring all tickets & e-mail inquiries regarding late PayPal payments.

    I’ve decided to cancel all current ads and my LinkWorth publisher account. I don’t have a problem with ‘late payments’. What worries me more is… a company that chooses to ignore e-mails. Sketchy. If they would just reply even once with “sorry, about the late payment… it will take a while… maybe even several months before we can pay you”… I’d be OK with that. But no replies? Very annoying.

    Well… goodbye LinkWorth.

  8. we have not received payment from last 3 months and they are not responding to our tickets. I have tried to send email to few of the addresses i have in my address book, all the emails bounced back to us.

    Any body have idea about it.

  9. I have not received three months(2014 April, 2014 May).
    They just tell you that they have paid. But you never find the pay on Paypal.

  10. I have a question bro what’s the ideal alexa rank to write review about something?


  11. I have proof that they don’t pay. They just debit the amount from your paypal but never pay.

    1. Hello Rajkumar,
      If You Find Any Problem with them then , share it briefly because it will help us update this information.

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