Kshitij Mehra’s journey from a call centre to Founder of Yuvshaala

Kshitij Mehra’s journey from a call centre to Founder of Yuvshaala
Kshtij Mehra, Founder- Yuvshaala

YuvShaala is an organization which helps children in finding out their passion and following it. It was founded by Kshitij Mehra in Feb 2010 and the idea came when Kshitij was conducting a session in one of the Government Schools in Raison , Himachal Pradesh where he interacted with students of 12th standard and they knew nothing about careers. He approached HP Education Board after that and showed his interest of conducting workshops for government school students. After rounds of meetings and presentations to the board he was granted permission to conduct the workshops.

Kshtij Mehra, Founder- Yuvshaala
Kshtij Mehra, Founder- Yuvshaala

Every work is connect with our life’s dots so what is story behind changing your life ?

I was a confused student wanted to be an air force pilot but never knew how, then took non-medical for 2 months but then gave it up and shifted to commerce. Jumped in to CA Profession without even knowing what it is and then realizing it after 5 years left it. Took management entrance exam known as CAT but didn’t take admission in any MBA institute. Struggled through jobs like accountant at a chemist shop, salesman at a coffee shop and even worked at a call Centre. Destiny knocked me when I was offered a teaching job at a CAT coaching institute.

Everyone love your Nature and motivation guidance so with whom you got motivated to go on this track?

hahaha honestly I don’t know the answer, I guess some super natural power is taking care of that for me.

We read about you on YourStory that ‘When I had no food and only Rs 50 in my pocket’ can you please explain me more about this because motivation makes us more strong to take risk in life?

About this I have mentioned everything in that blog related to YuvShaala but if you ask me the motivation behind it then “I am ready to fail but not ready to quit”

What about your Offline Life?

I love travelling, drinking coffee and reading books.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship came as a byproduct, I wanted to help students with my workshops.

How to choose right track for career? (asked By Students)

Find out your interests and make them as your passion, explore more and more about it.

Your Future plans

Living in the present

Any advice for the Young Entrepreneurs and Students out there?


My advice for Students and Young Entrepreneurs: start right away. There is no right time for starting anything new. Once you start, you will keep moving.

You will Fail,

Accept it !

Embrace it !

Share it !

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