If you are looking for a reliable ad network, which can give decent income every month, then you are at right place. Because Today I am reviewing a one of the best Adsense alternatives. I am writing Kontera Review. So, you can decide whether this  quality network is best for you or not. So, let’s begin the review without wasting too much time.

What is Kontera?

It is one of the biggest ad networks serving well over 15000 publishers with quality advertisements. They have a very large base of advertisers making them one of the best in this business. And also, big companies like Microsoft and Kraft are using it to advertise providing lots of adverts for publishers. So, they have a huge trust among their users, because of the fact, they are in this business since 2003 and providing quality services.

How Kontera Works?

It is a CPM , CPC advertising network that mainly focuses on Inline and In-Text ads. It is quite similar to Infolinks. It shows Text Link adverts on keywords. It uses semantic analysis technology that increases CTR. So, it gives best results when used in the content area. And, also the advanced system makes everything so easy, from account approval to ad implementing on the website.

Type of Advertisements:-

They provide lots of customizable ad units like intext ads , videos, Image, rich media ads, etc.. So, it will give the best opportunity to monetize every section of your website properly and earn good income.

Kontera Review


  1. The account approval process is very simple, the minimum requirements are very easy to achieve.
  2. Code Implementation is easy, because they have plugins available for all popular platforms like Blogger, Joomla, and WordPress.
  3. A decent CPM Rates will help you earn good money from your traffic.
  4. The reporting is very advanced and simple. You can easily understand everything.


  1. Kontera can sometimes make your website load slower, which will increase loading time, because their ad loads at last, when  full page loading finishes.
  2. If Publishers want to Remove Kontera advertisements from their websites, then they will have to give 30 days Notice, which In my thinking is a negative point.

How to Sign Up?

Signing Up with Kontera is easy as you just need to fill a simple form and apply. They will approve your account within a short span of time, if you own a decent site. But remember, do not submit with a spam site. Once approved, you can start earning by placing their adverts on your website.

Kontera Payment?

The Minimum Payment amount is $50 and they pay on NET30 basis. The mode of payments will be PayPal, Cheque, and Wire transfer And it is for all their users worldwide. So, in this section, this network is one of the best.

Adsense -vs- Kontera

You may not earn the same income while using this network when compared to Adsense, but still it can give a good amount of earning. So, we can say that it is a good alternative to Google Adsense. And, it also complies with Adsense policies. You can use both in combination which will prove the best option for you. But in the end, it’s your choice.

So, that’s it for today. Now it’s your turn to give your views via comments.
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