Keyword Research for Newbie Bloggers

Keyword Research Always Been an Important Topic in SEO.It is Basic Thing what every New Blogger Must learn to Rank Well in Search. Every Beginner Must have Gone through this topic once or more than once on different websites But Despite of Knowing Importance of Keyword Research they still doesn’t the Method to Use it.I Have Seen Many Blog Posts of Newbie Bloggers despite writing Long Quality Articles they Still Don’t Rank High in Search Because very Little Usage of Main Keywords.

They Might Rank Well in Long Tail Keywords But that’s Not Enough, Websites have to get High Rank on a specific Keyword to Get Large Amount of Traffic from search.Their are Many Factors apart Keywords that Can Cause Low Rankings Like Lack of Backlinks , Black Hat SEO , Less Social Media Buzz , etc. But After Focusing on these Still You Can’t get Ranked on 1st Page of Google if you haven’t Used Perfect Keywords for Your Post.Read My Article :- Best 18 On-Page SEO Tips and Techniques

What is Keyword Research ?

Basically Keyword Research is Done to the get Ideas About Keywords that Drive Maximum Traffic to your Site through Search and have Less Competition around the Web. For Example ” Blogging Tips” keyword has More Monthly Searches than Keywords ” Blogging Tips and Tricks” or ” Tips for Successful Blogging”.

So Little Changes in Usage of Keyword Can Change the Amount of Traffic You can get for Specific Post.

So It’s Must to have Perfect Title for Your Blog Post. To Do this You can Choose Many Keyword Tools Like Google Keyword Planner , SEMrush , Bing Keyword Tool , etc. or can go for a new amazing tool called Keyword Canine, which has number of advanced features, which will help you do keyword research the better way. If you want to know more about this tool, then read this Keyword Canine Review.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

It is an Alternative to Google’s Keyword Tool used to Research About Ideas and Competition Level on a Specific Word. Users Have to Sign Up to be able to use this Tool But Don’t have to pay a penny for using.


  1. It Makes Easier to get the Ideas About Volume of Searches in a Specific Area. It Gives Best Option’s for Local Businesses to Target Local Customers.
  2. Keyword Filter Feature Allows Users to Fully Customize Search Based on Average Monthly Searches , Competition level, etc. It Also Allows to Include or Exclude Specific Words.
  3. Provides Bulk Keyword List Makes it Easier to Compare with Other List Based on Monthly Searches and to Use Perfect one for your Post based on the result.


  1. Average Monthly Searches are Collected  from last 12 Months which may not include Real Time Trending Topics.
  2. Features Like Broad , Phrase or Exact match are Removed from Keyword Planner.
  3. Global or Local Features are Not Available Now instead they Changed  Global to All Locations and Local to your selected Area.
  4. Sign Up Required Before Usage as it not Allow users to use without Sign up like old Keyword Tool.

How to Use?

#1 Open Keyword Planner.

#2 Now You Will Find a Wizard Type Interface which will have Fours Options.

  • Search For New Keyword and Ad group Ideas
  • Get Search Volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups
  • Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords
  • Multiply Keyword Lists to get New Keywords Ideas

Choose 1st Option “Search For New Keyword..

#3 Now You Can Search based on the Product , Landing Page , or category. Enter Your Keyword at “Product” and Hit “Get Ideas“.

Keyword Research

#4 After Click Get Ideas it Will Show Page With Two Different Tabs “Ad Group Ideas” and” Keyword Ideas“. Click on Second Tab and you Will Find Many Keyword Ideas Related our Search “Blogging Tips” with Average Monthly Searches and Competition Level. You Can Choose to Target 2 or 3 Keywords Per Post.

You Can Target Different Countries , Different Languages to Find Keyword Ideas. It Also Showing “ Customize Your search Tab” where you can Further Target Specific Audience, According to “Average Monthly Searches “, “Competition” , etc.

Note:- It Has More features to do Keyword Research More Efficiently, But This How-To-Use Guide is Created for Beginners Because in Starting Period it is Difficult to Operate this Tool.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is another Keyword Research Tool Providing Premium Features. It Provides Accurate Phrases Report with Search volume as all data taken from Google API so it’s worth Trusting SEMrush.

How to Use ?

#1 Open SEMrush

#2 Now You Will Find a Search Box . Enter Your Keyword and Hit “Search”.

#3 Now on the Next Page SEMrush Will Provide “Phrase Match Report” and “related Keywords Report” With Volume of Monthly Searches. You Can Also Target Different Countries from Header Toolbar.

So Any Newbie Reading this Post can Use these Tools to do Some Keyword research for High Rankings in Search Engine. There is Another Bing Keyword Tool that you can Also Use. It Provides all those Options that old Google Keyword Tool was including, Keyword Searches According to the dates, Strict Filters.

But it has Some Negative Point that it Provides All data from Bing Search Engine So all Keywords Monthly Searches are Generally Lower than Google. But in the End it Can be Used as Keyword Research Tool by Bloggers.

Don’t Wanna Use Any Tool ?

There is an Alternative to all these Tools. We can Also Find Keyword Ideas through Google Search.
For Example open Google and Enter Some Keyword Like Shown in Screenshot Below.

keyword research with Google

Look at Image, Google Giving Suggestions of Keywords. Use it Two or More Times Typing Different Phrases Related to each Other to Find Best Keywords for Your Post.

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Which Tool You Will Like to Use for Keyword Research?

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