Kerala CM Received Sexual Favors

The prime accused of Kerala Solar Scam Biju Radhakrishnan said that if given 10 more hours he can furnish evidence to prove that Kerala CM has indeed received sexual favors from his co-accused Saritha S Nair.

Oomen chandy Image via
Oomen chandy Image via

What the actual story is?

According to Biju Radhakrishnan, he has 56 copies of CDs which will show that the CM was involved, but  he need 10 hours more to submit them. He also said that he is ready for any sort of polygraphic or brain mapping test to prove his claim. Biju had claimed that the Kerala CM Oomen Chandy received sexual favors from Saritha in addition to receiving a bribe of Rs 5 lakh.

Oommen-Chandy image via
Oommen-Chandy image via

However CM Oomen Chandy had said that if allegations of sexual favors were proven he will quit from public life after a day when those accusations were made.