The First Interview comes from one of the most Influential Bloggers in india, Mr. Ankit Singla The Owner and Founder of

Me. : So, Ankit ! Welcome to Pro-Bloggers Interviews Series.
Ankit . : Hi Siddharth, Thanks for Having me and featuring me as a Part of your Interview Series.
Q.1- Everyone knows about Ankit Singla- The ProBlogger and now an Entrepreneur, but tell us about your life before entering into blogging industry ?
Ans.- I’m also wondered how I got so much interest in blogging. I was in my 2nd year of Diploma when I used to sit in front of computer reading about blogging in my internet lab. Whenever I got some free time to access the internet, ‘Blogging’ was only the matter.
Q.2- Every Blogger Inspired from someone. Who is your inspiration ?
Ans.- Yes it’s true that every person have their inspirations and it is important too to grow in life but truly speaking I never got inspired from anyone to join this blogging community. I was having the reason – the reason of making money. So, I stepped into blogging with full of my efforts.
Q.3- Newbies used to start their blog with wrong SEO practice and because of frustration of not getting anything from their blogs they opt to quit it. What would you like to suggest them ?
Ans.- Motivation is only the reason I know behind quitting blogging. Newbie’s used to blog only after seeing other’s success but they fail to understand how they people reached at this stage.
If you are new to blogging and want others to know your name, you have to provide value. Money is not everything. Every game have some rules and blogging is not less then a game where everyone wants to win. But they forget that losing is also a part of the game.
Follow blogging rules (add value to the blog-o-sphere) and enjoy others spreading your words.
Q.4-  Does Alexa stats really matter in Blogging ? Does Business affects much with Alexa Factor ?
Ans.- If you bother about attracting advertisers and sponsors to your blog, then Alexa must be your first concern.
Q.5- If not a Blogger, what career would you choose ?
Ans.- I’ll opt to be a web-designer.
Q.6- Tell us the Best moment of your Blogging life ?
Ans.- I have the story to tell of my 4 years of blogging journey and happiest moments too like getting approval from Adsense, Making my first 5cents of income in my adsense account and lots more. But the most happiest moment was the one when I got my first client online for blog maintenance and SEO work. That day I feel what an internet marketer is.
Q.7- Can you tell about impact of Social media on Blogging ?
Ans.- I give more preference to Social media rather than SEO. Social media is like a network which you must need to spread your words, getting in contact with influential and minded bloggers, internet marketers and your gurus.
Don’t use Social media as your promotional tool only, it is much more than that. It gives opportunity to meet with talented people in your industry and you can learn a lot from them.
Q.8- is one of the Most popular Blog . Please share some plans for you taking it on the next lever, i mean your future plan with Your blog ?
Ans. As far, I don’t have any special future plan. But I promised to myself to continue putting my best efforts to make my blog even more successful and helpful resource for blogging learners.
Q.9- Ankit, You must have tried many Monetization methods on your blogs, which monetization method work the best and worst for you ?
Ans.- When I entered into blogging, I was aware only with Google Adsense to make money and it helped me a lot in standing out myself as a money making blogger. But when I started my main blog BTT, I came to know about other monetization methods like Selling ad space, Writing sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing and promoting your own products/services.
If you check my blog, currently I’m not using Adsense on it and I’m only making money with other monetization methods which I have stated above and all those methods are working great for me.
Q.10- Please Share some best plugins for blogging and which Hosting is Best according to you ?
Ans. – I really don’t have much knowledge about plugins, hosting and all. I’m using normal plugins which all are free like W3 Total Cache, WordPress SEO by Yoast and few more. I’m using HostGator from the beginning and it’s working fine for me.
Message for The Blogging Community from Ankit Singla –
As you already said “Blogging Community”, it’s very true. Blogging is a community and you have to add value to this community. There are so called bloggers who have Ego and even don’t have right attitude to talk to others. If you want people to connect with you, start connecting with them. Give time and support to as many people as possible. It’ll not only make your picture clear, but also you’ll become a valuable and respectable personality of this loving community. At last I just want to say “Be influential not inferior”.

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  1. Ankit is a true inspiration for all of us and despite his young age, he has all the knowledge and talent to keep creating impact online. Love his blogs and projects.

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