Interview of a TechGirl – Yogita Aggarwal from DreamTechie

Welcome Back Friends , After taking Interview Of Ankit Singla, we are here with our second interview. Today Yogita Aggarwal is here on Onlyloudest. She is going to share her blogging experience and some secrets tips. 
Let’s start the interview session to know more about Yogita aka Tanya and her Blog :-
Blogger Yogita

 Q.1- Can you please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers?

Ans. Hi Siddharth, First of all thanks for calling me here. 

So Readers, A big “Helloooo…”  to all of you 🙂

I am Yogita aka Tanya, another tech blogger from Delhi NCR. I am doing blogging from last 2-3 years and I started my most known blog last year only. Before DT (DreamTechie) I was doing blogging for fun. I blogged a lot about bollywood and fun related topics but these days I am only focusing on DreamTechie. It’s a techie blog where I share articles about SEO, SMO, Blogging, Gadgets, Android apps, Computer Tips and Tricks, Software reviews and all.


Q.2-When did you start blogging? Is there any motivation behind your start?

Ans. Well I created my first blog in Oct 2009 for a social cause and after that blogging became my hobby.  In initials days of my blogging journey I was getting decent traffic for my bollywood and fun niche blogs but ROI was zero at that time. Then last year I finally thought to be a serious one in blogging and started a self hosted blog DreamTechie. Hopefully, I will launch one more blog in next few months and that would be a general blog. 

My blogging Motivation …. ummmm thinking…. Successes of fellow bloggers motivate me to do something gracefully and to achieve something big.

Q.3- Can you share some secret tips to increase blog traffic?

Ans. Well there are no secret tips to increase blog traffic in seconds or minutes but yes proper strategic SEO, SMO can help a lot. Few most commonly known tactics to achieve decent blog traffic  are mentioned below:

  • Work to achieve #1 ranking in Google SERP.
  • Create more referrals. For DreamTechie I am getting most of the traffic from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Stumbleupon.
  • Apart from organic and Referral I am getting direct traffic a lot which actually shows that people knows about your blog and they often visit you. But yes to get direct traffic must remember pick a very interesting and easy to remember domain so that one can easily recall that.

Few other tips are –

  •       Update your blog with trending topics.
  •      Get a user friendly site structure and make your blog SEO friendly.
  •       Make proper use of Meta tags and Optimize your site’s load time
  •        Update your blog more frequently with valuable information and be consistent.
  •      Do blog comments and guest blogging to get some valuable readers for your blog.
  •     Make proper use of media files (Images, Infographics, PPTs and Videos) to attract visitors.

Q.4- Who is your favorite blogger and which blog you visit on a regular basis?

Ans. I am following number of blogs and bloggers. Few names from the huge list are Aggarwal’s (Amit Sir & Harsh), Pradeep, Srinivas, Jane, Ileane and Anand. I am not the regular reader of all the blogs but yes I do visit their blogs randomly. I am the regular reader of Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Journal.

Q.5- Do share some ways to earn money with a blog according to you?

Ans. To be very frank this question is bit tough for me to answer; as I am bit new to make money from blogging.  My DreamTechie is a year old and seriously I am not much focusing on earning as of now. But yes I have future plans.  Also I would like to mention make money from blogging is actually much depended on the niche of blog. Still the most possible and successful ways to make money from blogging are –

     ·        Google Adsense and alternatives
     ·        Software reviews
     ·        Banners Ads
     ·        Affiliate Marketing

Q.6- What are the major source of your earning and traffic on your blog?

Ans. Though I already mentioned I am not focusing money making these days but still I am making few $s randomly from software reviews, Adsense, paid posts and from banners ads.

Q7- What is your future plan?

Ans. Let me be lil humorous this time. My parents are looking a guy for me even I am looking a suitable match for me. Once I will get engaged with the right person I will be the full time bloggerJ. Few thoughts are already in pipeline but need enough time, support and more expertise to bring them online.

Q.8- Please give some advice or tips for Newbies ?

Ans. My Advice –

  1. Don’t get into blogging to make money only if you are not passionate about it.
  2. Don’t start a blog on the topic you are not well aware.
  3. Improve writing skills even I am in the process 😉
  4. Have patience, follow experts, read more and more blogs, learn SEO, be creative and be your own tutor.

Q. 9 – How one can contact you?

Well, to reach me out visit my blog DreamTechie.  Also one can follow me through my social profiles Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and About Me
Stay tuned and Keep Blogging.


  1. Awesome interview and very inspiring for me and also for more bloggers .Every one should learn from this techy girl .A big thanks to the author of this blog for sharing very motivational and inspiring interview with us

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