Interview With Inspirational Female Blogger – Harleena Singh From

Interview With Inspirational Female Blogger – Harleena Singh From
As a Part of Interview Series , Today We are with Harleena Singh From Aha!Now . She is one of the Most famous and my favorite female blogger .Firstly I want to say Thanks to Accept my Interview Proposal .

So, Guys let’s Read below Questions & Answers to Know more about Harleena Singh and her Blog .


Q.1- First of all say something about you and your hobbies!

Thanks for this opportunity, Siddharth. I’m a professional freelance writer and a blogger. Of course, I enjoy writing and it has been one of my favorite hobbies. Other than that, I also like to cook, read, listen to music, and watch the TV when and if I find time!

Q.2- How you get into the world of blogging?

As a freelance writer, a bit more than 3 years back, I needed to build a writing portfolio to showcase my work to my clients that I can write on various niches and topics. I also wanted to use that opportunity to convey my personal thoughts and share my experiences with other people. So, with this forked approach, I started my blog Aha!NOW. However, at that time, I had no idea that I was entering the blogging world per se and that I would get so involved and continue for so long! 🙂

Q.3- How you get to the idea of starting website?

ahanowlogoMy husband suggested that I start a blog. We did see many popular blogs like Mashable and Lifehacker and those had almost all the niches covered that we also wanted to showcase to our clients. Thus, we thought that a multi-niche blog would best suit our purpose. At that time I didn’t have much of an idea about blogging. Being a writer, I didn’t know that I should select a specific niche to become an authority; neither was making money my prime objective.

Q.4- As a housewife you are surely very busy into your daily life so how do you manage both your Blog and family together? Share something about your time management here please.

I don’t call myself a housewife because I haven’t been one in the literal sense for at least the past decade. 🙂 I’ve always been busy with my projects and have had a hectic life, similar to working for a private company in a 12-hour job. I do take care of my home and family, and I’m glad my husband too is there to share the responsibilities. But yes, life is busy and it’s a challenge to manage both the blog and home, and I enjoy it.
As you mention, time managementis very important, apart from having a passion and discipline in life. What I do is break my day into different time slots, and prepare a structure of my schedule by fitting in it my routine tasks. When you do that, you get a fair idea of the time spent to complete all the tasks, the time you’ve in hand for each, and when to take out time for yourself and your family.

Q.5- Please share the first successful moment of your blog.

When I started my blog, I didn’t get any comments for some time and I was very disappointed. The first comment was my first success with the blog. Later on, I was happy when my Facebook fans reached the count of 100 and for me that was a great achievement (of course now the fans are in thousands)! The most successful moment was when one of the blog readers nominated me for some awards, and I had written only about 15 posts until then. Since then, every new achievement is a successful moment. Best tricks to get more comments on your blog post

Q.6- Which monetization methods you are using on your websites and blogs? And which one you found to be most effective?

I ‘ve not been strong about the monetization aspect of my blog, since that was never my prime objective. I’ve always used Google Adsense since the beginning and tried some banner advertising too. I think these two are the best and easiest ways to make money online. However, if you’re more interested in making money, I guess it’s best to make money through affiliates and sponsored posts, which I’m going to start on my blog.

Q.7- According to you what is the best traffic building strategy and do you find traffic coming from social media networks converting?

Without any doubt, the best traffic building strategy is blog commenting and social media promotion. My strategy of blog commenting has been the main reason for my blog’s success. Similarly, my social promotion strategy too has paid off, however, it’s the most time consuming and tedious part of blogging. For me, there are three yardsticks of conversion – comments on my blog, subscription to my blog newsletter, and social media sharing of my posts. I guess my social media traffic really converts and I’m happy about it. 🙂

Q.8- From the day one when you have started your blogging journey which thing you loved the most?

I have always loved writing my posts and interacting with my blog visitors. I enjoyed building relationships, and that has been crucial in building a blog community that I’m so proud of and love it for its support. I guess creating good content and building long lasting relationships is what I lovingly did, and would suggest for other new bloggers to follow and to lead themselves onto the successful blogging path.

Q.9- How do you usually find your ideas to write?

My posts are mostly based on my life experiences and knowledge. I’m never short of ideas, and sometimes if I find something interesting, I write it down. Nevertheless, I find ideas whenever I’m doing some work and experiencing life’s different aspects, and I think to myself that people should know about this and it may help them. I contemplate on that seed thought and come up with more ideas on how to develop it and make it into a useful post that will help people.

Q.10- How can Readers at get in touch with you? And message for OnlyLoudest readers?

Readers of your blog are most welcome to visit my blog Aha!NOW and contact me through my social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. They can also get in touch with me through my blog’s contact form.
OnlyLoudest is in its initial stage, and it reminds me of my initial days of blogging. Keep putting in your best efforts, and I’m sure the readers of your blog would like and support you for your hard work.
I wish the readers of OnlyLoudest work towards bringing happiness into their lives. 🙂 Thanks for having me on this blog.
Be blessed. 🙂
  1. Hi Siddarth,

    I know Harleena mam since 10 months, she is a wonderful person to learn writing skills from her, she is the best example to take on how to write comments on other blogs, she don’t leave comment just like that, she describes what she liked about the content and adds value to our content by sharing her experiences.

    I believe she is one of the influential person in India to learn things from her, thank you for sharing this interview with us.

  2. I am really inspired with her and always have a eye on her status and posts in facebook she is really a problogger and its nice that you featured her on your blog it is good for you as she got interviewed on your site and also good for others

  3. Hey Sanu,
    Their is no doubt that blog commenting helps in building relationship with other bloggers and build traffic too….targeted 😉 What should i say again, whenever i visit Aha!Now(I mean daily) what i get is, awesome content and awesome comments.
    Harleena mam doesn’t ever sacrifice in providing quality to her readers. That’s the main reason i love reading her blog post. in addition i would say, in past when i started blogging. I can’t write much in English, i was lacking in it then i got to know about some blogs including Aha!Now, reading them on regular basis helped me to build my writing skills.
    This interviews is really motivating, and mainly the answers of the 4th question. As a child, i don’t have much work and get annoyed whenever someone give me a piece of work to do. From now, i will not hide myself from doing any work + i will work everyday on my blog too.
    Thanks for sharing! Glad to know more about Harleena Mam! 😉 I am working hard for the day, when i will be at the level she is at…
    ~Nitin Singh

  4. Sanu Siddharth
    Well conducted interview with superb questions and great answers as always.
    It is very motivating to learn that Harleena takes social media optimization and blog commenting as the two best methods to drive traffic as both brings long lasting results.
    This is the fruit of success, once you are successful you have several options to take its benefit as she has multiple options to earn money with her blog as she has already developed a sound traffic base and social media branding of her blog.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful interview which motivated me a lot to work hard more and keep blogging for the ultimate success. 🙂

  5. Harleena singh is one of the best Blogger in the world. She is a great inspiration. Reading this interview was mind refreshing. Thanks.

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