Interview Of a Inspirational Entrepreneur – Annkur Agarwal From PriceBaba.Com


Annukar Agarwal started Busniess from his elarly age of 15 and now you can se his startup Pricebaba is rocking in the world and a new rising star . So, Today Mr. Annkur Agarwal with us he is Co-Founder of . Annkur Agarwal is one of the Most famous  from India .



PriceBaba is search engine based Website to check Price of Mobile of all brands and also they provides may feature for user to give complete satisfaction to buy that product . So, Today We will Learn from the past and present from the life of Annkur Sir and his style to do any Work .




Q1.Tell us something about your childhood, growing up, and your family. Did you have any entrepreneurial influences early in your life?

My entrepreneurial influence is my mom. She’s been an entrepreneur and I watched her as I grew up. I learnt from that, got inspired. I was a pretty average kid in school, average grades, few friends, but the only time I liked to raise my hand and answer a question in the class was – when no one else had their hands up. That way, challenges attracted me.

Every working person In my family is a Chartered Accountant, so I am the least educated + working (formally) with a commerce graduation. But I love it this way, I leave the technicalities to the experts.

Q2.Tell our readers about your Offline Life? 

It is heartbreaking, not many conversations that do not involve work, some great friends who let me defocus and switch off from all the internet hype and a bit of running / board games / reading (Harry Potter currently) whenever I can manage.

Q3.How and when did you get the idea to start a Website? How long did it take you to get serious about PriceBaba?

I first thought of making my own website when I was about 13-14 I think. In fact it is still live. But a serious site, I planned first in 2006. I got the domain and tried to make a shopping site, it ended up as a blog (that still lives). The idea of PriceBaba started in 2010, and it wasn’t until 2012 that I jumped full time into it. I am glad I did :). I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get started with PriceBaba if I hadn’t met the awesomest Tirthesh Ganatra.

Q4.Do you think your Pricebaba self business job is better than having a 3 to 4 job? How many hours a day do you work, and what is your daily schedule like? 

It is hard to argue if PriceBaba as a job is better than any other. I won’t do a job I don’t love and I really love doing what I do at PriceBaba. It sorta kills me at times, stresses me out and gives me tears, but I love it. I may be physically in office typically from 11.30AM to 8.30PM, but apart from the 7 hours or so that I sleep, I only think about PriceBaba and that involves penning this interview at midnight on a Sunday! And we get to do cool stuff like the Ladoo campaign at PriceBaba.

Typically my day starts with quick check at office if anyone needs me, meetings are scattered across the day, but I plan to meet people (for which I would have to travel) only during evenings or late evenings. I take a break on 2nd Saturday and Sundays from office, but meetings & discussions keep happening.

Q5.Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Initially to make money. Like any 15 yr old would. Today it is tough to answer why I do what I do. I certainly don’t make money, but there is a sense of fulfillment in creating something. An excitement to serve millions of people, help them, to create a product that touches lives. It is a joy of building and at the end of the day as I always say, it is a game. “At the end of the day, the king and the pawn are put back in the same box.”

Q6.What does your family feel about your jump into entrepreneurship? 

I think they like the fact that I am doing something on my own, but I do see that they are worried too. Intensity is always high. I am glad I have the support.

Q7.What is one market trend that excites you?

Mobiles. Computers are no longer the same. I grew up with PCs, large screens and keyboards. The current generation lives on a 3″ screen, it fascinates me to no end.

Q8.What is your Future plan to take on next level for Pricebaba ?

We want to help you buy, whatever you want to buy, wherever you want to buy and till the time we don’t do that in a powerful way, we won’t rest.

Q9.Any advice for the Young Entrepreneurs out there?

Failure is real and it hits hard. I don’t want to scare you either.

Don’t get too inspired by this interview. Don’t get too inspired by all that people say about entrepreneurship. Out there, there is too much hype and romance in the name of startups. I don’t want you to realize the hard way that this is a tough tough world and making a business takes a lot. If something looks too good to be true, it most certainly is. So don’t get swept away by the hype.

Thanks Annkur Agarwal to Accept my Proposal for Interview !

  1. Hi sanu,

    Well This Interview is quite inspiring, first site in 2006 i think at that time i used to play video games.. Hehhehe.
    But seriously This i really motivating, my childhood story is same as ankurr, limited friends and average grades.
    Thanks for the Interview sanu
    Keep Updating


  2. Hi Sanu,
    It is always inspiring to read Interview of successful entrepreneurs…It gives lot of insight in to their thinking and how they approached various problems…It helps new comers a lot…

  3. Hi Sanu,

    Thanks for this inspiring and awesome interview! Annkur is an inspirational to many bloggers across India. You did a great deal by taking an interview of him.


    1. Hey Pabitram

      Yup!! he is inspiring because he is struggling in his life to archive this position from age of 15 (teen Age).
      Where in this age people think to enjoy in school & colleges but he is struggling to archive his position in top Entrepreneur .

  4. Great interview indeed. Annkur is an inspiration for many of young Indians. I had a chance to meet him at WordCamp Baroda this year. Totally, down to earth guy he is.

  5. Wow, this is a great Interview.

    There are many things i have learned from this interview. One thing I’m impressed with is you started early, you were able to discover your passion on time and that is cool.

    Another thing is about your parent. Your parent were supportive and that gave you an easy way to stick to your passion.

    Thanks Sanu for bringing Annkur to your blog.

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