People these days are working very hard on their blogs, but still they are not able to earn a big amount which they deserve and the main reason behind this is, they don’t have Adsense account and the second reason, they don’t know about the other ways to monetize their blogs. They always stay on the edge of their career. But it will not happen anymore, if you are reading this post, because I has recently reviewed many Adsense alternatives and today, I am reviewing another website “IntelliLinks” which will help you monetize your blog in a different way. So, let’s start the review without wasting too much time.

It is a Text Link Selling Ad Network. They have been around since 2009 and working with quality advertisers and Publishers. They really have a huge trust among their customers, only because of their quality services.

IntelliLinks Creates a relation Between Advertisers and Publishers. It Provides a Platform for Advertisers to buy organic text links on their publishers websites. The price for every link is based on the quality of traffic and Rankings of your website. But the main thing is that the Advertisers can’t see the publishers website URL Until they Pay. One Another thing about IntelliLinks that you can Automatically approve ads to appear on your website or can manually Approve. So, their advanced technology will everyone happy.

Types of Advertisements:-

They are fully Context Link advertising Network, so all adverts are link ads. They show two types of advertisements. One is Related Link ads that appear in the Sidebar and Other is Link ads in the Body Content of Webpage.


1. Relatively Easy Account approval as compared to other ad networks.
2. Approves Websites having traffic from any part of the world.
3. No Minimum payment threshold.Payments are made monthly.
4. Awesome support System with Live Chat Facility.
5. Text Link Advertisements don’t take up any space on your website so it can be used with any other ad network.
6. Totally Unbiased System Depend on Monthly Website Traffic, page Rank and Keywords.
7. Publishers have the Option to Automatically or Manually Approve ads.


1. They Take Up 50% of Revenue Share.
2. Too Much Competition among Publishers and not much Advertisers. So you may have to wait for a long period of time for advertisers to make an offer.

There is No Minimum Payment threshold. All payments are made monthly no matter how much earnings you have in your account at the end of a month. So this way you will get something even in the first month of using this network.

How to Sign Up?

Signing Up with IntelliLinks will just take up a few minutes. Once Registered you can submit your website for Review. If IntelliLinks Approves your website then you can start earning money when an Advertiser make offer to buy Links from your website. But as I said, it will take up some time, unless you have a very good website. So, be patient.

IntelliLinks is very different from Adsense but if your website has High PR and High Traffic than you can make a lot of money. So, we consider it a good Adsense alternative, especially in terms of Money making and Payment system. But in other parts, like Number of advertisers, they are way behind Google’s advertising network. So, it depends on you whether you wanna use IntelliLinks or not.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to give your views about this review and also don’t forget to tell your decision in the comments section.

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