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Email Marketing has taken a sudden boost in the last few years. Many Companies (either big or small) using it to increase traffic, and sales. But bloggers are still lacking behind in this Scene. In my Blogging career, i haven’t many bloggers using Email Marketing for Good effects. This is another reason behind, newbie not becoming Pro Bloggers Because the majority of Successful blogger using Email Marketing for the Goods.
Now, What is Email Marketing? Suppose you created a new product and it needs promotion. So, for that, you can send Emails to the user saying that “This is your new product, get it for free” or something like this to increase awareness. That is Email Marketing. Now, How you can send Emails? That is the main problem every newbie face because they think that email can be sent through Gmail or Yahoo Mail, but in reality it is not possible to send bulk Emails using these companies. You must need an Email Marketing Company who can Manage your Contacts, Track Conversion, etc. But finding a perfect company is also very difficult. So, we made it a little bit easier for you. We are sharing a top class New Email Marketing Service called which you can blindly trust without any hesitation.

What is INinbox?

It is a New Email Marketing Tool Founded by Tim Bekkar to help many struggling companies to boost traffic and customers. They have many premium features at affordable prices. Small Blogger can also use this Tool for Free for a Limited Number of Contacts. It’s the best solution for every business as they are one of the trustable email marketing companies.

INinbox Features

It’s not been an easy task to find a reliable company which can do wonders with Email marketing. These are hundreds of different tools available for the same job. But none of them are reliable. But INinbox features make it most reliable in this business. So, let’s talk about its features.
  • Contact Management
  • Subscribe Form Generator
  • Simple HTML Email Creator
  • Free Email Templates
  • Auto Responder
  • Email Conversion Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Personal brand Logo
  • Gravatar Integration
  • Geo Location
  • Inspired Support Team
Frankly talking, I have never seen any Email Marketing tool providing this kind of features. They also let you access all features Free of Cost with a Limit of Contacts. Learn More About Plans and Pricing.

Why Select INinbox?

#1 No Installation Process

You Only need to sign up with your Mail and start using INinbox. It needs no Installation. You can use it from any place by using your Login credentials.

#2 Custom Brand Logo and Subdomain

I think no other Company provides you the opportunity to create a Brand like this. You can Add a Logo for your brand and also a Subdomain to create your own Email Service Provider.

Just Go to Account Settings >> Your Branding >> Select Design Branding or Domain Branding >> Upload your logo and select custom Subdomain.

#3 Customize Confirmation and Unsubscribe Page

These both pages are very important for effective Email Marketing. INinbox allow you to Customize these Pages according to your Need. You can Add you own Logo and Website URL. You can also redirect it to your own URL.

#4 Customized Signature

You can also Add your Signature below each Email. It helps you to build more trust among customers.

#5 Team Management

This feature of INinbox is my favorite. They allow you to build your own team to perform different tasks. You can give full access to a specific member or can only give access to few parts.

#6 Sign Up Forms

They have a Plugin available for WordPress users.You can Install that plugin or You can also create your own attractive Sign Up Form which will increase your Subscribers list. They have Wizard 2.0 tool available which enable you to create forms according to your Need.

Plans and Pricing

This is a main reason why I love using INinbox because they have Plans for all kind of Users. For Newbies they have a Free plan available and for Experts they provide very Cheap Plans.

INinbox Plans and Pricing

Take a close look at these Plans. If you are a Newbie, then, you can get 2,000 contacts and 20,000 Emails Free. You can also increase that limit by Referring friends. If you are a Pro-webmaster, then, you can select any of those two cheap plans according to your needs.

So, What you are waiting for. Sign up quickly and start your Email Marketing to increase Customers and sales.

INinbox Sign up


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  1. ININBOX service is terrible I would not recommend it no anyone! EVEN FOR FREE. I added my contact list and this was 2 months ago, they don’t reply to emails and do not activate my account, now basically I lost the contacts address and I cannot use the service, I thought it was trustable but no, it is the worst service I have ever used to email marketing. They don’t even bother to answer!

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