People these days are finding it very hard to make money from their blogs, because the majority of them got their Adsense accounts banned due to policy violations. So, all of them are finding a legitimate High Paying Alternative to Adsense, but it’s not an easy job. Because there are so many ad networks available on the internet, a user with less knowledge will get confused. But it will not happen anymore, because today I am reviewing one of the best Adsense alternatives, it is Infolinks. Yes, You must have heard this name in the past. It is very popular name, and I will explain you why it is one of the best.

It is one of the fastest growing ad networks in this modern world. They have a huge base of advertisers and publishers who are getting many quality services. They have a very high CPM Rates, when compared to other networks and also, you will get many CPC Adverts. Additionally, it has many benefits, one of them is fast and easy approval, which takes only 1-2 working days.

They has very easy to use interface with having four different ad types.Publishers can use as many ad units as they want. They will display ads based on certain keywords and phrases from your website. So, advertisements will be relevant and CTR will also be on higher side. So, in my thinking, this network will provide you an awesome opportunity to earn good income from your quality traffic.

Type of Ad Units:-

1. In-Tag Ads

These Adverts usually have high click through rates because it it is quite similar to Text-link ads Adsense provides but the only difference is that when user place hover on it the advertisement will be displayed. These In-Tag ads can be placed anywhere on a webpage with integration of the Simple HTML Code.

2. In-Search Ads

This Type of adverts appears when visitor comes from search engines. So, it will not appear to a returning visitor. This advertisement will appear on the left side as a visitor comes and will minimize after a few seconds.

3. In-Frame Ads

In In-Frame Ads the adverts are shown on the both sides of your webpage where blank space available. This type of Advertisements is Mostly used as a second ad network to increase the click rate. But I must, it is the best way to monetize the empty spaces on your site.

4 In-Text Ads

This type of advertisements looks very attractive to the visitors. It will only appear when user place hover over the word. Infolinks allows their publishers to choose the number of In-Text ads to be displayed on a page and also the colors of the ads. So, you can easily optimize and increase your earnings.

  1. There are No Minimum Requirements for account approval. You just need to have a Non-Spam website.
  2. Full Customizable ad units are available with custom colors.
  3. In-text Advertisements can be used with other ad networks as they do not take up any space
  4. The Integration of HTML and JavaScript code is easy with Full Instructions.
  5. All types of ads are also visible on mobile devices so you will never miss mobile revenue.
The Minimum Payment Amount is $50 and Payment can be done via PayPal, Payoneer, Check, Western Union, ACH and Bank Wire on NET45 Basis. So, they are very well placed in their payment system when compared to other networks.


How to Sign Up?

The Sign Up process is very easy as you just need to fill a simple form and submit. You can also create an account by connecting your Facebook Account. But remember, do not submit any website with illegal material. They will not approve spam sites.

So, you have your own quality website? Yes Of Course, then Why are you waiting? Click below given Sign Up Button and create your account to start earning money.

I don’t I need to say anything in this section. I have explained everything to you in this review and you can clearly call Infolinks as the best Google Adsense Alternative. For those who are using adsense as their primary income source can still use this network combined with adsense to double the earnings.

Thanks for reading. Now, it’s time to Sign Up and Start earning. So, what you are waiting for. Click the above given button and have fun. Cheers 🙂

  1. Hii Atinder,
    Nice Article…! Learned a lot about infolinks from this article. newbie bloggers cant wait for google adsense approval. so infolinks is the best.

    Looking forward for more
    – Mahadev

  2. Hi Atinder, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about us! What a nice review for your readers, full of great information. Excellent point that people who are using AdSense can also use Infolinks, it’s a great add-on. Keep up the great work and happy blogging 🙂

  3. Atinder thanks for sharing this.
    Infolink is a good enough advertising network that doesn’t pay more than adsense but pay impressive income if you have good web traffic.

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