Hello Readers, Today I am back with another Ad network review and possible Google Adsense Alternative. So, let’s begin the review without wasting too much time.

What is Infinityads ?

It is an Ad Network specializes on Pop Under and pop up Ads. They has Decent CPM Rates of Pop Unders and Pop Up so they are one of the best in this business.

How Infinityads Operate?

Infinityads Has the same Operation technology as Clicksor. They Have Instant approval Process for every website unless it is against their TOS. After approval Publishers can Add their Websites and Create Ad Code following simple 4-5 Steps and then Paste that Code in their Websites.
They Gives all Power to Publishers that which type of ad they wanna show on their websites. If they wanna show only Pop Under and Pop up Then they can choose Only these ads and Skip others Similarly All advertisements can be Selected and can be skipped.

Type of Advertisements:-

1. Pop Under Ads:- These Type of adverts generate Good Revenue Because ad Always Open in a new window under the main browser window so User don’t get to know that their is Advertisement opened until he/she closes All browser windows.So these type of ads can earn money if websites has good quality traffic.

2.Pop up ads:- These types of adverts are also very useful as these always open when user clicks on website, a New window Opens with a Ad showing to the User. It is 90% Times that User watch the Advertisement to see what it is. So it can earn big if you have decent traffic to your blog or site.

3.Interstitial Ads :- These Type of advertisements open when user clicks at link to open a Page and they will showed a Advert before going to Specific Page .

4. Floating Banners:- These Type of Adverts are very Popular with every Ad Network that Floating Banner will show an Ad to the User. These floating Banner can be at Header of the Website , can be at Sidebar of the website , Or can be at Footer of the website.

Infinityads CPM Rates?

CPM can differ according to Amount of Traffic from different countries. But For Average it be around $1 -$4 per thousand Impressions, if you good amount of traffic from US, UK, and Canada.

How to Sign up?

This is Easy as they have Instant account approval process. User Just have to Fill Two-Page Form and they are Ready to Make Revenue from their sites.


Infinityads Pays Twice in a Month and their Minimum Payout Amount is $5. They Pay Via PayPal , check or Wire Transfer. So, once you hit the minimum threshold, money will be in your pockets very quickly.

Infinityads Details:-

Commission Type: CPV,CPM
Minimum Payout: $5
Payout Frequency: Pays Twice per Month
Payout Method: Paypal, Check,Wire
Country: CA
Contact: Telephone:+1.416-499-8009

So, that’s it for today, I hope this Infinityads Network Review can help you Earn good income from your site. Now, don’t forget to give your views on, whether it can be a good Adsense Alternative or not?

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