How to Increase, Get More Followers on Google+

How to Increase, Get More Followers on Google+

Increase Followers on Google+.

Hello Readers, As you know Google Plus is a Social Network owned by Google. It’s still growing day by day, but you may find it doesn’t have a huge number of users when we compare it to large social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Is there any reason behind it?

No, I don’t think so. If we still wanna find a reason, then we can say people love Facebook and Twitter and that’s the main reason why the Google Plus can’t get a huge base of active users. But there is one place, where Google+  have an advantage over all other Social Networks.

That advantage is, Google+ is used by Huge Number of Bloggers, Webmasters, Online businesses, etc.. Now, you will be thinking, that’s not an Advantage. But wait, let me finish.

As you know Google Owns G+ so its obvious that they will give importance to their social network and Rank it higher in Search Rankings. Still Confused? Let Me explain it with an example.

Suppose you are a Blogger or a Webmaster writing quality posts and then sharing it on Google+. So, when Your Followers will search (with Google Account Logged In) on a topic you written. They will see your posts on the first page of Google for the majority times. Below is a screenshot of the same.

Google+ Followers Advantage in Search Engine

Now, as you can see, Our Post Ranking on first Page on “Make Money Blogging” Keyword via G+, but it will only rank for our followers. So, this is the main advantage Google+ have.

So, it’s very important to Increase Followers on Google+ because more Followers mean more Traffic. Now, you would be thinking How you can do it? How you can Get More followers on Google+? If your mind has the same questions, then don’t worry, this post is especially written for you. I am creating a list of Tips you can follow to Increase followers on Google+. So, let’s begin without wasting too much time.

Note:- If you finding a way to do this overnight, then, it is not possible. All below given are surefire tips but it will take some time, especially if you are a beginner.

Assured Tips to Get More Followers on Google+

There are 6 steps or tips you need to follow.

How to Increase, Get More Followers on Google+

#1 Make your G+ Profile Attractive

Your first step should be to make your G+ Profile attractive and the best way to do so is to complete your Profile. Fulfill each section carefully and also Remember not to add any wrong Information about yourself. Add your other social network and Website link to make it easier for your followers to find your other profiles.  Also, Use Professional Image for your profile picture.

#2 Write Quality Content

One best way to Get More followers on Google+ is to provide quality content on your Website. If you do so, you will surely have Huge numbers of Followers. Also, don’t forget to include a link to your profile below each Article and also show G+ Badge in the sidebar of your Website or Blog.

#3 Join Google Plus Communities

There are many Google Plus Communities have a large base of active users.You can share your quality content their and get decent number of G+ Followers.

#4 Follow Others

It is a very common way to Increase Google Plus Followers. If you follow someone, the majority of times he/she will follow you back. So, always follow other users related to your niche or profession. But remember, if someone doesn’t follow you back within some days, then, remove him/her from your circle because the majority he/she will not follow you back. Also, don’t do it too fast because your profile will look ugly if you have like only 100 followers and you followed like 5000 users. Try to keep it in an equal proportion.

#5 Comment on others posts

Always Comment on G+ Posts related to your niche and also use Google+ profile to comment on Blogs. It will certainly increase your Profile reach.

#6 Share others posts

Make sharing you Habit. It is a good habit to have. When you see someone written quality content, don’t feel shy to share it on your G+ Profile. If you share others content, the majority times others will share yours and also it will Increase followers on Google+.

Final Verdict

So, these are some tips that can help you get more followers on Google+. One thing More, being Active on G+ can also help you. So, share your content at a constant basis. It will also build some trust among your followers.

So, that’s it with the Post. If you have any question, feel free to ask via comments.

  1. Points mentioned by you are absolutely right from a perspective to get followers of Google +. One thing that i use the most is communities.
    Infact i also learnt it the hard way, my learning was that participating in the most relevant community is so important and beneficial to gain followers.

  2. Hi Atinder S Gill
    Awesome post on that how i can also increase my google + follower ,which surely increase my blog readers count .Thanks for sharing such a great post with us .Feeling very glad on being here

  3. Hey Atinder, Surely Great Ways to increase followers on Google+. I am Surely Going To use These tips To Get More Follower 🙂

  4. Amazing Guide! Hey Admin I really like to your style to explain anything. I’m daily reader of your blog.

    Thanks again to Share this guide to Increase followers on Google+ .

  5. Nice tips Atinder. But, following someone so that they follow you back and then unfollowing them if don’t is not something good. We must try to get genuine followers rather than doing such thing.

    1. I think you didn’t read it carefully. I said Follow other Google Plus users related to your Niche or your field, If they don’t follow you back, then it means they are not active or they don’t wanna add you in their Circle. So, that’s why you Unfollow them.

  6. Hi Atinder,

    There is of course no doubt Google plus is one of the beautiful platforms but it was quite unfortunate it didn’t leave to it billing by competing with Facebook but as a blogger, the traffic from it can’t be underestimated.

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      Yes, it can seriously drive huge traffic to our blogs if we use it properly.

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