Importance of Backlinks in SEO for High PageRank

Do you know How important backlinks are for your website?

If Not, then you are at right place. Here we talk about each aspect of backlinks. So let’s begin without wasting too much time.

Back-links are Certain Types of  Inbound Links to a Website. There are Two Types of Links: Inbound Links and Outbound Links.
Inbound Links are those which are Coming From other sites to Your site and Outbound Links are those which are Going to other sites from your site.
These Days Back-links has Leading Role in Good SEO as it is Necessary to have Quality links to Increase Ranking of a Site.

Back-links are Most Important for SEO as Google Considers links to Consider the Rankings of Site. Websites having High Number of Quality Backlinks will have Higher Rankings in Search.
There are Some Misconceptions Among Novice Bloggers that Higher Number of Back-links will get them High Rankings but this is Not correct as Google will not Only consider Number of  links but Before that it will consider Quality Of Back-links. Hundreds of good Quality links are Better than thousands of Low quality Back-links.

How to Create Search Engine Friendly Website or Blog

Back-links Coming from Relevant Niches. Relevant Niches Means that the Site has Similar topic Content as your Site. But When Links Comes from Non-Relevant Sites that are Low Quality Links which have a very Little effect on the Rankings. Large Number of Low Quality Back-links Can also Lead to Penalty from Google.
So Relevancy of Backlinks has most Important in SEO.

For Example Suppose Someone has a Blog on “Blogging Tips” and that Blog has has outbound link to our blog “My Blogger World” which has same Topic Content “Blogging Tips” so this Link Will be a Good Quality link and it will give a Boost in Rankings.

Because it is a most Natural Way of Calculating the Popularity of a Website. It would Take very Little time to Make Some SEO Changes to your Site and you can also add Fresh Content to your Site but Getting Links from other sites is very difficult and its Time Consuming as they will only link to your site when your Website have content that is helpful to them. That’s why Google Considers Back-links Main Factor in Assigning Rankings to Websites.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text Also Plays a very Vital role in Getting Good Rankings as Getting links from Different Websites with Same Anchor Text will get you Higher Rankings for That Anchor Text.

For Example :-  Get Quality Backlinks

Here “Get Quality Backlinks” is an Anchor Text for a Link. Suppose we have Multiple Links Coming from Different Websites with this Same Anchor Text. That will Get us Higher Rankings In Search for this Anchor Text ” Get Quality Backlinks” .

There are Certainly Many Ways to Build links that we will Discuss Below One by One.

There are Many High PR Forums that Can Give Plenty of links with Desired Anchor Text.

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2. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is the most Effective way to Get High Quality links as there are Many Blogs that Accepts Guest Blogs and they Also Provide Some Dofollow Backlinks from that Article.

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3. Directories Submission

Popular Directories Like DMOZ , Jasmine can Give very Good links. This Method Will Not Only Give Quality but it Also Gives High Amount of Traffic as these Directories are very Popular.

4. Commenting

Commenting on Dofollow Blogs is very Popular Among New Bloggers these Days as this Method is a Lot Easier than Other Methods to Get Good Quality Back-links.
Bloggers Mainly Choose Comment luv WordPress Blog to Comment on because it will also Display Most Recent Post with the Comment so there are 2 Back-links with one Comment.

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This is a Bad SEO Practice that Lot of Website Owners Exchanges Links With Other Sites to Get High Amount of links But this will Largely Hurt Both Sites as Google Hate this Method. Google Will Ban Both Sites for Using Link Exchange Method.

Some Webmasters have Lot of Websites that are on Same Topic and they Connect them With Each Other  for Getting Backlinks But this Might Harm Every Websites that is Connected in that Circle as Getting Many Back-links from the same IP Address is Considered as Back-link Bombing .
There is lot of Webmaster that has tried this Method But Failed so it is Advised to Keep Interlinking to Minimum Number to Avoid Bad Results.

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