Importance of about page for your blog/website

Importance of about page for your blog:

Do you know which page of your website/blog is the most visited one? If you think it is your policy, contact or any page other than your about page then you may be wrong.

When I visit a new site, then after going through one or two posts, I usually click on their about page. If you see your blog’s statistics you might find that your about page is the most viewed page of your blog. This shows its importance on your website.

Want to know more? Let’s discuss it in a brief.

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What is an about page?

About page of your website is a place where you speak about who you are, what you do and why you created this website. This page gives an idea to your reader about what they are going to see on this blog. It connects you with your reader, they will feel more closely attached with you and your blog. It will help you get huge number of followers, your readership will increase. People will start visiting your website on a regular basis after knowing more about you and your blog.

People will start trusting your content more, because it’s the human nature, where connectivity brings trust. If you wanna hide your identity,then there are very less chances of your success. But if you are willing to showcase your professional career in a precise manner, then you will surely get lots of purchases in this modern world.

How to create a good about page?

Now when you have realized how important an about page is for your blog/website, it is important for you know how you can create a good about page. I am listing down 5 things which are very important, if you really wanna connect with your readers through this page:

1. Make it reachable:

When about page is one of the most important pages of your blog, then you must make it easily reachable. Place your about page in the top navigation bar, preferably as the second tab or you can also place it in the sidebar, Footer section. Also, do not give it a fancy name; simply call it ‘about’ so that your readers find it easily.

2. Tell who you are:

Introduce yourself to your readers, but make sure this introduction is short and apt. This is not a place where you can write your whole story. Write about who you are and what you can do for your readers.
If you work in a team, do not forget to mention your team members. You can add social sites’ links of all the team members so that people can connect with them at a personal level if they want.

3. Show how you look like:

Do not forget to add a good picture of yours on your about page. If you want to know about someone, you definitely want to know how they look like, right? The same thing is with your readers too. So, adding a good picture is must. Again, if you are working in a team, then you can add pictures of each member with a short bio of them.

4. Keep it short:

Keep it precise and to the point. It is not a place to share your detailed blogging journey. Write only about, when and why you started this blog, what you will be sharing here and how much you have succeeded till now. Do not forget to maintain brevity while writing all this.

5. Direct your readers:

As we know now that an about page is one of the most important page of our website, then this could a place from where we can direct our readers to some other important pages of our blog like advertising, guest posting or any other important posts of our website.

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I hope now you are aware of how important your blog’s about page is and how you can create a good one. Also, creating a good about page is not just important; you must also make it a point to update it from time to time.

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Are you having a good, easily reachable about page? Or you are coming under that group of people who still do not have this page on their blog/website? Do let me know via your comments.


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