How to use iMessage on Windows PC

guide to use iMessage on Windows PC

We all know the craze for Apple’s applications and devices in people. The reason for the craze is its amazing layout and definitely crazy features. One of the most favorite applications is iMessage. And all the users have this question in their mind every now and then: How to use iMessage on PC?

This service is exclusively made for Apple’s features. iMessage is used by users to send absolutely free text messages from their Apple devices. This application is accessible on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook. The majority of non-Apple users use various applications for messaging. For example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Or Instagram, etc. But for Apple users, iMessage is the most sought after application for text messaging. It has the most amazing features that one is looking for. 

However, iMessage can’t be accessed on Windows PC. But still, many windows users have a strong craving to use iMessage on PC. They constantly ask how they can use iMessage on their Windows PC. Well, we are here to resolve all your queries. So here we go! Today will tell you how you can use iMessage service on a Windows PC. So here are the exclusive details…

First of all, YES! It is possible to use iMessage On PC. However, you cannot directly access iMessage on Windows PC. But you can use many tools or third party applications for the same.

 We’re gonna tell you about five such methods to get access to iMessage on your Windows PC.

Complete guide to use iMessage on Windows PC

How to use iMessage on PC

Before getting into the methods to use iMessage on your Windows PC, let’s first discuss how to get iMessage on Mac. So all you have to do is just follow the instructions that we have listed for you.

1. Open the messaging application on your Mac. You can open it either from the dock or the application folder. In addition, you can open it by searching it using command plus Space.

2. Then you have to sign in the application using your Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you can just create one by clicking on the option stating “ Create new Apple ID”. Then you can just sign up for an application. 

3. After signing in you have to select your preference. For that just click on the “Message” and then choose “preferences”. In that tab, you gotta select iMessage. 

4. After getting into iMessage, just enter your mobile phone number and email ID which is registered, to get a text message.

Now when you successfully complete the iMessage set up on your Mac OS, you can enjoy unlimited text messaging from your iPhone or iPad or Apple watch. 

But our main agenda is to tell you how you can use iMessage on your Windows PC.

So basically there are four methods. Let’s get started with the first method followed by other methods!

1. Use Chrome Remote Desktop

This tool is definitely a boon for windows PC users if they want to use iMessage. It’s very handy in use. You can access another computer remotely, using Chrome Remote Desktop. It can be done by using the Chrome browser. But this has a limitation, you can only use this option if you already have a Mac OS in addition to Windows PC.  So the steps are:

I) First of all Download Chrome Remote Desktop and Chrome Browser on both the devices that are your Mac OS and Windows PC. Install them on both devices to use them.

II) Then, on the Mac OS, download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer, and access the permission to link it with your PC too.

III) Then just connect Windows PC and Mac OS by using the security code, which will be given by Chrome Remote Desktop. And it’s done! Yeah! Now you can freely enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC.

2. Use a free emulator iPadian

Everyone knows that nowadays it’s trendy to use one format of applications into another. Like for example, using Android applications on Windows. This can easily be done by using Android emulators. Just like that, there are a huge number of iOS emulators. These iOS emulators actually help to use Apple’s applications on windows PC. 

To get through this. You just need to follow the instructions given below, which are damn easy.

I) First of all, just download the absolutely free application namely iPadian emulator on the Windows PC. 

II) Just install it and make it ready to run on your Windows PC.

III) Now it’s time to just go through the terms and conditions of the application. Just go through it thoroughly.. if comfortable, then only accept the terms and conditions. Then move ahead and launch the emulator application.

IV) Use the search option to search for the iMessage option. 

V) Download the iMessage application on Windows PC.

VI) Simply install it on the windows PC. Now you are free to use iMessage on your Windows PC.

3. Jailbreak Your iPhone

We all know about the unmatchable security features and protection features of Apple devices and software applications. They have an ultimate level of restrictions that actually help you to keep your device secure. Now, to have access to iMessage on your Windows PC, you first have to jailbreak the iPhone.  By jailbreaking of the iPhone, you are actually getting rid of the multiple restrictions.

These restrictions are actually set up by Apple. These restrictions maximize the overall functionality of Apple devices. Just keep in mind to back up the Apple devices before applying the jailbreak.  Okay so here are the steps as follows:

I) You have to download a jailbreaking application on your iPhone. There is plenty of fish in the pond. You can download any of the good applications.  Install the app on the iPhone or iPad. 

II) Let us take an example of a very famous app called Cydia. Now after installing it, download or set up the interface ”Get Remote Messages”.  It costs around $4 to set up the interface. It not only helps to jailbreak. It will also provide you the access to a huge collection of such extensive applications.

III) After all, when you are done with the setup, now you can connect the interface via iPhone IP address.

IV) Finally, you can just log in and download the iMessage on your Windows PC. Install it and then use it freely as you wish on your own windows PC.

4. Access iMessage History on PC

You can use the three options that have been described in detail step by step to get access to iMessage on Windows PC. Now let us all discuss some other dimensions. Let’s discuss how we can access the iMessage history on windows PC. Here we’ll be using a third-party application. There are a number of such applications but you should choose wisely. E.g. Free iPhone data recovery.

By using this application you can read the existing message on iMessage. Not only that you can also get access to the deleted messages from iMessage by recovering them. And the biggest surprise is that if the messages that have been deleted were not backed up, still it can recover those messages.

And here is the Conclusion!

 We hope you got your answer to the question of how to use iMessage on PC. All these methods are convenient and user friendly. You can easily get access to iMessage on your Windows PC. And definitely you can enjoy using iMessage’s amazing features. So Happy Messaging!!

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