How images enhance your blog?

We often hear that content is the key to make our blog successful. This is why bloggers always make efforts to write quality content. This is a good thing and it also helps you get a lot of traffic. But there is another important thing other than quality content, which can help you enhance your blog.

What it is? It is an image. Yes, images, which we often do not give much importance to. Images when used in a proper way, along with good content, will be very useful for your blog. Today I am going to tell you how images enhance your blog.

1. Eye-catching:

Images attract eyes. If your website snippet has an image, it will get more clicks than the one with bare text. Whether it is your site’s homepage, search engine result or any social network, links/posts with images gets more click than the one with only texts.

2. Helps to understand better:

If you are posting a tutorial where your readers need to follow certain steps, then by only reading instructions, they might get confused. A confused reader will leave your site and visit some other website to resolve his query. But when you post your tutorial with step-by-step pictures or even only with some important pictures, then your readers will understand your instructions clearly.

3. Gives your Site a good look:

Have you seen a long post with only text in the form of paragraphs and no images? How does it look? Whenever I visit any such an article, within 2 – 3 seconds I leave that page.
Images are appealing to eyes. Texts with images give an attractive, eye-soothing look to your website which encourages readers to read your post.

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4. Image search engine traffic:

By adding images to your post you can get some traffic from Image search engine. I have seen many visitors coming to my site from Google’s image search. But, you need to optimize your images to get traffic from image search engine. Read:-  How to optimize image for SEO.

5. Increase post length:

Images increase the length of an article. No, images will not increase your word counts. But, by adding images in your posts you will make it look a little long. So the next time you are writing a short post, do not forget to add 2 – 3 relevant images in it to make it look a little longer.

6. Readers do not get bored:

When you add images between texts in your post, your readers get a little pause while reading. This refreshes them and they do not feel bore while reading. Hence, they will stay on your webpage for a longer time.

Final Verdict on How images enhance your blog

So, these are the benefits you get by adding images to your blog post. But when you are adding images to your post, see to it that the images are of good quality and are relevant to your content. Do not overabundant images in any article. Using 2 – 3 images are enough. If it is a tutorial or something then you can add step-by-step pictures with proper instructions.

Do let me know whether you add images to all your blog post or not? Also, is there any other way how images enhance blogs which I have missed above? Do tell me with your comments.


  1. Hi Fatima,

    You have covered almost everything properly. many bloggers don’t find the value of images and just copy paste. But when it comes to content quality, images are also one to include. As you said the image should be unique and eye catching,the benefit of using unique image is that you get traffic from Google for that.

    Also from user perspective images are important to get unique feel in the content.
    Thanks, it was nicely written post.

    1. Yes Sagar, images give a good user experience. Like I said above it helps to understand things better.

  2. images give traffic from google images and any other give nice information about blogger images.Images also help on seo.because alt text,title tage also effects search thanks for your nice artical.

  3. Hey Fatima!
    Thanks for the nice tips about using images. I have received lots of traffic from Google image search on some of my blogs. It’s a great way for people to discover your blog.
    I appreciate the points you made about images. I definitely need to include more interesting images in my blog 🙂
    Thanks again

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