Tips to Optimize Images for Better SEO to Improve Search Ranking

Search Engine Optimization has a lot to do with Google Rankings so that’s why Every Webmaster Want to Optimize their sites to get More Organic Traffic from search Results.

While Optimizing Websites Many Webmasters Always Focus on Factors Like Keywords Research ,Titles, Headings, Tags, etc. But Forget to Optimize Another Important thing in SEO. That is Images.
Optimized Images inside Posts Helps a lot to rank on 1st page of Google. It Gives New life to Text Written Paragraphs.

Attaching Images to Every Paragraph is Seen very Common that Attracts Visitors to Read Full Content But it may cause Site to Load Slower and Also Google Robots can read Images. They can Only Crawl Text Content so Excessive Usage of non-optimized Images Inside Articles can Bring Website Down in Rankings.

Properly Optimized Images Not Only Affect Ranking but Also drives a lot of Traffic from Google Images Search. So don’t Miss out that traffic from Images Search. It Will Take Few Minutes to Optimize Images in your Posts. Don’t Be Lazy ,become pro active if you want success in this field

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So Today We are providing Some Basic Tips that can help you optimize Images on your website to attract visitors and Google Robots.

How to Optimize Images on your Website

#1 Use JPG Format

JPG Format Images Directly or indirectly helps in Improving Search Rankings Because of its Smaller Size. JPG Images occupy Less Space as compared to GIF OR PNG Formats. It Also reduce Load time of Blog or Site which has big effect on rankings. So consider using JPG Images in your Blog Posts Rather than GIF or PNG.

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#2 Compress Images to Reduce Size

Image Compression is also used by those who like to use PNG or GIF formats in their Blogs or sites. So Consider Compression of your Images before Attaching with Article. Their are Many Photo software’s that allows option to resize images but don’t compress images to much because it will affect quality of color and clarity.

If Someone have Already Uploaded Large Images to their Website then It;s recommended to Use Javascript Coding that Will reduce the Size of photos in Templates or You can use Jquery to Load Images after Main content of a Website when user scrolls down . That Will reduce Loading Time. This Coding if Named as Jquery Lazy loading Script“.
This Code is not the only one , their are many other Jquery Lazy Loading Scripts Available. So Search on Google Writing this Name and Reduce Loading Time of Your Website.

Note:- For WordPress Users their are Plugin Called Smush it which will Compress Already Uploaded Images in Blog.

#3 Alt Text and Title

As i said Before Search Engine Can’t Read Photos and Videos. So its Your Duty to tell them what that Image or Video is all about. This can be Done Using “ALT TEXT AND ALT TITLE” tags which gives Crawlers the Descriptions about Images.
For Example:-

<img alt=”My Blogger World” border=”0″ src=”” title=”MBW” />

alt=”My Blogger World” Describe text to robots and title=”MBW” Will describe Title to Robots.
You have to Add these Alt Tags only if your Site Hosting Provider don’t offer Automatic feature in Post Editor. But Majority of Post Editors has Simple Button “Add properties” or “Add Alternative Text” or Something Similar.

#4 Use Keyword in Names

Choose Proper Names of Images Before Uploading to Website Because it will decide the Keyword of Ranking in Search Engine. Suppose if You have Given a Name to Your Image “My Blogger World”  then that Image Will Show in Results only when User searches with Similar Keyword or Slightly Different Keyword.

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So make Some Research on Keyword and Select Best file Name of Images which Suits your Post. High searched Keywords will bring High Amount of Traffic from search Results.

Happy With Tips?

So these are Some Tips Which can help you Rank Higher and get some traffic through Image Search Engine.I Hope you are Happy with these Tips.

Do You Used Any of these Methods to Optimize Images?

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  1. hi

    I have chosen to put all images on PNG, Going forward will opt for JPG. Need your opinion on – if i make a image on photoshop and save it for web, is there a difference in size if i save it as.. PNG or JPEG.

    I use smush it, nice tool for wordpress.

    1. Yes Jpeg images are always smaller in size but take care of the quality while optimizing images.

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