ICICI Direct Brokerage Calculator 2021 – Tax, Charges

icici direct brokerage calculator

ICICI direct Brokerage Calculator is a digital calculator that will help you to calculate the brokerages online. It provides you a proper statement in the form of a contract note. It allows the brokerage calculation of all class assets like Equity Intraday, Future and options commodities and currency options to be calculated easily.

How to use ICICI Direct Brokerage Calculator? 

Very first you have to enter the details of buy or sale and shares quantity stock to get the bifurcated contract note. It does’nt only gives you bifurcated statements but it also gives all the statements on all governmental charges like transaction charges, STT, GST and more.

Here are some of the best ICICI Brokerage Calculator that will help you get a proper statement note. 

icici direct brokerage calculator free

ICICI Direct Equity Brokerage Calculator 

ICICI direct Equity Brokerage Calculator gives you detailed information about the brokerage in the Equity broken segments. It provides various sections like Intraday, delivery, future and options in the form of fixed percentage, fixed price per lot or fixed range of size and percentage per lot as per norms.

The unit usually charges, brokerage at lower rates for equity trading options. Brokerage charges range from 0.55% and it can be swapped by using ICICI Direct Equity Brokerage Calculator. 

Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator 

ICICI Direct Equity Intraday Brokerage Calculator is very enthusiastic as buying and selling takes place on the same day at the same time it is risky as the market keeps on fluctuating. For the benefit of investors, brokerage charges are reduced to the minimum.

Charges range of this brokerage The calculator is in between 0,03% to 0.05% for Intraday as per plans. There are different plans offered by the company also the charges are different according to the plan. You can use this ICICI calculator for the easy and appropriate swap. 

Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator 

ICICI Direct Equity Delivery Brokerage Calculator is slightly different from other brokerage calculators as in this the trader can buy or hold the shares for a particular time period. In case if the position is not squared on the same day as the delivery trade takes place.

It offers Equity delivery at a fixed rate of 0.55% to the amount you invest. Here are the plans that can differ and so as the charges which can be swap through ICICI Direct Option Brokerage Calculator.   

Equity Future Brokerage Calculator 

ICICI Direct Equity Future Brokerage Calculator allows a buyer and a seller to bid on their stocks at an analytical price. This unit can calculate the profit you earn and gives the correct information about the profit earned by splitting profits expenses.

The range of charges for brokerage in equity future is from 0.03% to 0.05% if the deal is through ICICI direct. The actual rate different on a lot of reasons. Also, there are different plans of the company as per the investors. 

Equity Option Brokerage Calculator 

ICICI Direct Equity Option Brokerage Calculator offers investors with an equity option at the brokerage, ranges from Rs.35 to Rs.95 per lot as per the available plans. Many investors prefer to invest in equity options as it gives the right option to put their share at the strike price.

In this brokerage, investors invest as per the lot. Investors use ICICI Direct Equity Option Calculator to get a detailed contract note as a complete contract note before investing in that deal. 

Commodity Brokerage Calculator 

There are various trading platforms available in the market, NSE is one of the trading platforms for trading companies shares in the stock market, same as we have a platform available for trading of commodities like silver, gold, crude oil.

which is known as MCX Exchange in the stock market. Investors who are interested in investing in products through ICICI Direct will be slightly disappointed if they choose to invest in the commodity market. Feel free to choose other sections, and use the ICICI Brokerage Calculator.

Currency Brokerage Calculator

Currency trading is available at the ICICI Direct portal. The currency market is one of the most unpredictable markets. People came to know that there are frequent variations in the currency market, even with small stuff.

Here in this people have a choice to invest in foreign currencies through currency market. It deals with the derivatives like future and option depending upon the selected plan brokerage which is either in range of percentage, per lot and fee structure. 

Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

ICICI Direct Currency Future Brokerage Calculator can be used as per your need. It includes charges fee ranges from 0.03% to 0.05% for future currency segments. If you decide to invest in the currency market make sure that you are investing through ICICI Direct Currency Future Brokerage Calculator as you came to know that bidding is fruitful or not with the help of a statement in the form of the contract note. 

Currency Future Brokerage Calculator

Here currency option trading can be done through ICICI Direct. If an investor wants to invest in currency through ICICI Direct, they have to pay charges for trading. Charges range from Rs.10 to Rs.35 per lot. When an investor enters into buy and sell quantity the profit earnings can be seen on the screen with the excluding charges. 

BO and CO Brokerage calculator 

It provides orders to be placed under CO and BO. CO and BO provide the facility to place orders and also stop the loss at a single-window with triggers and target which make it easier for traders to place trades.

Span Brokerage calculator

In ICICI Direct, there is no additional charge for span margin facility. As a result, no brokerage calculations are available for it. 

Need of ICCI Brokerage Calculator 

ICICI Brokerage Calculator is detailed enough to make you understand that how much will it charge you for each type of segment. It will help you to plan your target profits or loss if it hits SL. This calculator itself is too easy to use and you can calculate your brokerage in a second. This will cover all segments.

There is an almost negligible difference in worth contrast, which differentiates various broking houses. In spite of the fact that you can compare them on a various basis. The above calculator will give you all the information regarding charges. You are free to use the calculator as many times as you wish and weigh in on how profitable each transaction can be. It will show you how much profit you gain at the end, after the deduction of taxes and brokerages.

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