How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog

How to Use Reddit to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog

Reddit is a Top most famous Social bookmarking site here any one can share News, Latest Updates, Entertainment, Jokes , etc . Actually other then these work reddit is best site to drive lot of traffic on his blog/website at once or in a complete day.

drive traffic from reddit

As I know Reddit is Top most using website from US and now all over world , because it is very simple in use and any one can learn lot of new things from here because as I said it is using in all over world so, you will get here mostly all top most unique knowledge from only this website .
I am using Reddit from 5 Month and getting good response from here on my each blog/website. actually first time when I open this website I think this is completely waste website because look was very simple but when first time I read rules and Benefits then now a days I love to reddit . But a other thing never spam there because they block your account.

What is Special in Reddit?

Actually Nothing is completely dead anywhere something have special in every thing . So, now today here I am discussing about the reddit so, after the publishing your content on your blog never forgot to socialize that post on social networks. hope you are sharing always , so now include reddit also in your list because this is completely depend on your luck . One day a my friends who is a blogger that was show me his stats of blog which was coming from reddit . he got approx 500-1000 unique hit from  reddit in just few time .
This is very simple tutorial to submit any link in reddit to drive traffic to your blog post. Because in upper part I had explained what is the specialties of reddit. So, read below steps carefully to learn this tutorial.
Step1 : First of all You need to Visit and create a New account or if you have already them login there .

Step2 : Now in sidebar you will see a a box there will be 3 options, you need to click on “ Submit a New Link”.

reddit traffic
Step3: Now step 2 will redirect you on a new page there you will see some boxes like shown in below image . there you need to put any Title your post but don’t forgot it must be very Attractive and add a keyword in title box to rank and drive traffic also from search engines.
reddit traffic
Step4:Choosing a Subreddit is very important, because if you choose any different subreddit then Reddit will penalized your account and will do “Shadow ban” .
Get traffic from reddit
And last Step Click on “Submit” after the clicking on submit your link will be added in this awesome social networking site, and now need to do something special then others .

Secret Tricks To Get Votes on your Reddit Share :

Actually Reddit allows us to share your submitted link on other social networks like Twitter , facebook and others . So, as we know everyone is not active on twitter. so, we will start from Facebook for Upvotes.
Step1: Login Your Facebook Account .
Step2: Join a Group there- Reddit Upvote Club
*Rules* –
1. Only share a single link in a Day on Reddit and in Group.
2. A Simple Tip- “Give Votes and Get Votes”
3. Never do Down vote for anyone.
1. Submit Your Link on Reddit after 5 PM in evening and 2nd link in midnight .
2. Open your Profile link in other browser where you have not logged in , if that shows your profile then No problem, if that show any other pic on complete page or something error type then you need to create a new account and never use that account again .

So, Guys This was my little Guide to Drive Traffic from Reddit to your Blog or website . for more tricks and Tips Join – Reddit Upvote club . I am admin of that group and some more experts are added there so, you can learn more about reddit from there .
  1. Reditt is really great source for traffic and I’ve been using it since a long time.


  2. Thanks for sharing this trick for getting traffic from reddit . May this help us for me let me try it.

  3. Awesome!

    This is a new find for me Siddharth, I really did not know that such page existed! Does it resemble to buzzfeed?

    By the way Siddharth thanks for numerating steps on how to create and handle a reddit account, and for adding tips and its rules this is sure to come in handy to remember so won’t get our accounts blocked.

    Have a great day ahead of you!

  4. Have been using reddit since a long time only for interacting with other fellows but these tips are really informative and I guess I’ll have to implement them.

  5. Great job Siddharth! Reddit is no doubt a good source of traffic. These tips would be really helpful for Bloggers,
    Thanks for sharing.

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