How To Start a Fashion Blog

How To Start a Fashion Blog

“FASHION” – maybe a word for some. But, for you, it’s life! It defines you. You may have got a great sense in the latest trends and all your friends calls you in the last moment for your help. You are their ray of hope in the last minute. From giving suggestions to training them how to carry themselves, you prepare them for every event.

“Best out of less” – that is what you are for. Tucking over-sized t-shirts with denim shorts and sewing your own dungarees from your old denim jeans, you do them always.

Boxes full of junk accessories is always dear to you. You always have the perfect ear pieces to match your body con or your denim look.

You have a great sense in shoes too. From different kind of heels to flats of different straps and to cool canvases, you have them all.

You have a great talent in you which needs to be showcased, which needs to be nurtured.

How To Start a Fashion Blog

Fashion blogging is trending in youngsters at a very fast pace. It is also trending among middle aged people too. All of us want to look good and trending, and you can be their perfect guide.

What you need before starting your blog

  1. Complete idea of the latest and ongoing trend. You need to be very much updated about each and every ongoing trend and what is new in the market.
  2. You may follow the trend. But, you need to put your own creativity. You need to stay unique so that everybody adore you. Standing unique in the world of fashion is very much important. For standing unique, you need to do simple things like adding different accessories or some some add on like jackets or something else.
  3. Planning your budget is very much important. It’s not possible to buy all your costumes from the market always. So, you need to be intelligent enough. There are a lot of markets in the cities which provides dresses on rents. There are various wholesale markets too which provide new and trendy clothes at a reasonable price.
  4. You need to be regular. Not just regular, very regular! In your initial days of blogging, you need to post twice or thrice a week. When you get many followers, you need to be regular still.
  5. You need to catch your followers attention by introducing various themes. Like in Halloween Day you may dress yourself in something spooky.
  6. Festive season provides you a great opportunity to show your creativity. People want to look alike in festive times and you can provide them a great idea. It’s not mandatory to be traditional, you may try something fusion.
  7. Along with your blog, you need to be very much active in all possible social networks. You need to have a great number of followers and friends. You need to share all your posts of blog in Facebook, Instagram and Whats App. You need to invite people to reach a greater number of audience.
  8. Collaborating with other co fashion bloggers can help you to reach more people and be successful in the field of fashion. In this way you can help each other and rise in the field.

How To Create A Fashion Blog

Here are some important steps that you need to follow to create a fashion blog.

  1. Selection of a Blogging Platform
  2. Selection of Domain Name
  3. Setting Up Your Blog with a Hosting Provider
  4. Choosing of Plans
  5. Finding the Theme of Your Blog
  6. Identification of the Best Plugins
  7. Referring to Some Fashion Blogs

Selection of a Blogging Platform

If you are a beginner then you should have a brief knowledge about Control Management System (CMS). It is the base of your blog. It will manage how your blog will look. It is very user-friendly as you don’t need to learn complicated programming languages and codes for designing.

There are number of available CMS like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. But, the top choice is always WordPress whether you want to create a blog or a website.

WordPress is very much easy to manage. You can customize the page as you want without learning any computing language. It is available in any language throughout the world.

Selection of Domain Name

We call every website or blogging site by their name. We type that name in the Google search box to find them. So, you too need it. It’s a little bit confusing to name your blog, but you should keep some points in your mind while deciding.

Make it short.

Make it catchy.

If you are damn famous, and you already have fan followers, then name it “your name”!.

Setting Up Your Blog with a Hosting Provider

This is a very crucial step. This is about payment. You need to give rent to the hosting provider, so that your domain name remains available in the World Wide Web. You may get your domain name and hosting provider from the same providers (for better plans and discount) or different ones. Bluehost is the best hosting provider as it provides free domain name and 30 day money back guarantee.

Choosing of Plans

If you are a beginner then you must start with basic plans. When you get accustomed to with the basic plans and a great number of followers, then you must upgrade. Advance plans are sometimes available with great offers also.

Finding the Theme of Your Blog

Your theme needs to be absolutely perfect. People are much more attracted to quite simple though elegant themes. It needs to be eye catching.

Themes are available in all plans whether it’s a basic or premium plan. But, the range of themes available in free plans are limited and to be honest very simple. So to make your blog a good one you need to pay.

Make a list of functions you want to add on your blog, then search for it. You need to have a mindset of how it must look beforehand.

The theme should be such that it looks both attractive in PCs and smart phones. People are always in rush and they prefer everything on smart phones.

Being in Fashion, you need to be constantly creative. It always depends upon your creativity. The theme should be trendy also.

Some themes in WordPess you may refer are:

Olsen, Unique and Adroa.

Identification of the Best Plugins

Plugins serve wide range of purposes. They make your blog look better and smart. Some of the plugins you may try on WordPess:

  • Photospace Gallery – full-screen gallery view
  • EWWW Image Optimizer – quality & loading time of photos
  • Starbox – a branding option for adding a short bio to your posts
  • Pinterest Hover Pin-It Button – easy pin-it button for your images

Referring to Some Fashion Blogs

You must refer some fashion blogs in order to get some idea and knowledge. Locks and Trinklets by Enocha is great. You must follow her and I am sure you gonna get some damn sexy ideas!

That’s all peeps! Hope this will help you and you may set a new footprint in the “World of Fashion”.


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